Roon 1.2 (Build 128) is live!

Hey all,

Maintenance releases of Roon, RoonServer, and RoonBridge have gone live, with a number of bug fixes detailed below.

In the week since we shipped Roon 1.2, we’ve been thrilled with all the great feedback we’ve heard, and we hope everyone has been having as much fun with 1.2 as we are.

We’re glad things have been stable for most of you, and we’ve worked hard to turn around fixes as quickly as possible for the issues that have been reported. Just keep in mind that most of these fixes have already been in testing for a few days, so if you’ve reported an issue in the last day or two, it’s possible that we’re still looking into it for a future maintenance release.

If you do have any problems with Build 128, be sure to let us know the details so we can look into it.

Thanks everyone!

Roon 1.2 (Build 128) Release Notes

Roon Build 128 is now live for OSX, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS

Roon Bridge 1.0 (Build 18) is also live for OSX and Linux. On Windows only, a bug fix release has been released as Roon Bridge 1.0 (Build 19)

All platforms and apps should update automatically

###Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with long pathnames and iTunes storage
  • CoreAudio output should work better with multi-stream (pro-audio) devices
  • Fixed display issue on genre mappings
  • Fixed crash when opening artist editor
  • Fixed blank screen on track editor
  • Fixed crash when clicking “Website” link of radio stations without websites
  • RAATServer now scans for ASIO devices again 10s after startup to reduce the impact of startup ordering relative to driver control panels
  • Fixed RAATServer crashes when disabling devices or breaking connections
  • Fixed RAATServer crashes during sample rate switching for ASIO and WASAPI backends
  • Improved some aspects of audio streaming to RAAT outputs to smooth out some bad behavior, particularly during sample rate switching or when interrupting tracks
  • Other minor stability improvements to RAATServer
  • RAATServer now suppresses Windows and OSX crash dialogs, as these may be problematic on headless installs
  • More retries when reconnecting to RAATServer, in case it takes longer to recover than expected
  • Improved error handling when communicating with RAAT devices
  • Fixed DSD playback issues for ASIO drivers that don’t implement native DSD support
  • ASIO format detection workaround for LUXMAN drivers
  • Fixed ASIO behavior with DACs that reset themselves during sample rate changes (e.g. Auralic VEGA)
  • Roon’s compatibility DSP now supports fixed-format devices
  • Better link on the “you don’t have the required codecs” popups
  • Fixed misleading settings screen behavior when enabling ASIO or ALSA devices with Native DSD support
  • Fixed resource management issue in RAAT discovery code
  • Fixed crash in FLAC decoder for certain corrupt files
  • Fixed an audio settings bug that caused resync delay settings to be committed incorrectly
  • Fixed playback issues with 1ch 32bit WAV files
  • Fixed AirPlay discovery issues
  • Fixed startup crashes on Windows