Directstream Jr and HP Proliant Microserver: "Audio file is loading slowly" errors

after update, roon is skipping tracks as " audiofile is loading slowly."
this is on any hi res some flac all dsd
has been working fine till last nite., update, then roon will is always skipping as , file loading slowly. please help.
ps audio DSJ full networked , not wireless, hp 1410 24 g switch, hp proliant micro server( storage) asus laptop i7 ssd drive ( roon core)
everything works fine on oppo 105 on same network, system, oppo plays dsd fine , roon ps audio since update allways stopping can not load , file loading slowly.
please help.

Hi @paul_osullivan – sorry for the trouble here.

Can you confirm you’ve rebooted everything (especially the Core, storage device, and the DSJ), and can you also give us a few more details about your Core machine and how the network is setup?

Finally, can you confirm the details listed here? It’s important we know the exact firmware versions for PS Audio devices.

Once we have those details, I’m sure we can resolve this. Thanks!

mike ;
yes have rebooted everything , worked better, but now fri nite playing music , ok for a few hours then , nothing loads , file loads slowly on just all files . including flac files - no problem never ever had problem loading / playing files on oppo 105 on same network.
i have a sonos, and PS AUDIO DS jr , these seems to be only a problem with ps audio.
system ; was playing music thru ps audio for a few hours , no drama, moved to sonos , no drama , move back to ps audio, after 1 hour, file loading slowly…
core on asus laptop n53s, i7, windows 7 pro, samsung pro ssd drive , 8 g ram. geforce 540, asus router rt ac870 up to date,
music stored on small business server - hp proliant mircoserver, home server 2011,
around 700 albums mostly flac , some dsd , some hi res, most ripped using EAC, some bandcamp flac files , some hd tracks , some bluecoast records dsd, all system networked , all wired / cable only ,
please help. on sonos it stop playing and says - lost control of audio device , this is really bad on a bandcamp album angel olsen , which has quite high dynamic range , not the highest , but …
could it be the core machine getting hot , i have been having some problems here when using photoshop lately…