Albums not appearing?

I am having the same problem and it is very extreme at times.

Believe it or not the Beatles Abbey Road does not appear.

And as for obscure Van Morrison albums - forget about it.

I am wondering how this is happening. But it is almost making Roon useless.

You can “like” them in Tidal and then do a forced Tidal sync in Roon. If they don’t show up immediately, they will be there reasonably soon.

Can you explain a little more what’s happening?

3 versions in Tidal displayed by Roon.

If you can’t see them it’s probably some display setting such as hide albums you’ve got in Roon.

For example if you have this set as I do, it will hide duplicates unless you explicity look at the Versions tab

This is odd - because I am consistently having trouble getting albums from Tidal into ROON. It is precisely the problem that is mentioned many times in the community.

If I go and LIKE the album in Tidal it will then appear in my ROON.

This is a brand new ROON CORE set up on a NUC.

The problem discussed here is the problem.


Have you got a local copy of Abbey Road?

if yes…

Can you see the Versions tab in the album view?

if yes…

What does it show?

No. I do not have a local version. I can now see Abbey Road - but that is because I went and favourited in Tidal.

The same thing happened with other major acts (Rolling Stones, Van Morrison). But then stuff I listen to a lot (Joanna Newsom for instance) appear just fine.

It is deeply puzzling. But it is the sync issue that Tidal does refer to in the above link - almost exactly.

Anyway - never get so close to a poem that you forget truth that lacks lyricism, never get so close to the heat that you forget that you must eat.

Hi @John_Hempton,

I noticed you linked to a post of mine, that issue has been resolved back in January, so I suspect you have another issue here:

Can you share your full setup details using this thread and provide a screenshot example of albums that are failing to show when searched for?

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