Not seeing all Tidal albums for artists

I’m new to both Roon and Tidal, but I have several times experienced the exact same search problem as stated by Michael Mowery. It is quite annoying that you with Google easily can find an album in Tidal but Roon will never find the album. Apparently All Albums is not all albums but only some of the albums made by the artist. When will this bug be fixed?

You mean you’re spelling the name of the band incorrectly, or Tidal has misidentied an album as an EP?

Because that’s all we were able to glean from his original rant.

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@anon55914447 I am so happy you have no issues with the search function. Your comments are not helpful nor are your snide remarks.

My comments are extremely helpful. I’ve rebutted every single bit of nonsense in this thread and provided screenshots to back it all up.

Man you really should look at your original postings if you want snide comments.

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I am also experiencing the same problem. Searching for “Pink Floyd”, only 11 albums and 16 Singles/EPs are shown. At Tidal, more and different albums are available.

Using Logitech Media Server with the Tidal plugin, shows correctly the same albums as Tidal.

I am in a Trial, and not very tempted to continue with a paid subscription.

I see exactly the same in roon and Tidal. Can you post some screen shots?

In the roon interface the albums in your roon library show first then the ones that aren’t in your library as below. Does that look like yours?

Ok, so Roon is hiding the Tidal albums as I have them stored locally? Sometimes one want to compare local content to what is available from Tidal. Is there a config/switch that lists ALL albums from Tidal?


I don’t think there’s a view like that, but click on any specific album in your library and then click “Versions”. It will show all local and any Tidal versions of the same album.

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I’ve had this problem occur several times. Today i’m looking for an album call " juneunit by " juneunit" . I can see if if i search directly in the tidal app but not if i search in the ROON app.

The same issue here. It’s new album from “Lenny” called " Weird & Wonderful", added 05/22/2020. Exists in TIDAL, missing in ROON. I checked sync status of ROON TIDAL settings and it’s synced…

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For me too !

I just discover that there is a solid discrepancy between search result coming from TIDAL and Roon_Tidal.

Personally, I love Roon, but that is a serious bug and form the post I have see, it seems to be there for many years.

Here is a screen capture showing search result difference for BARRE PHILLIPS, Tidal vs Roon

Worst, searching Barre Phillips album title ( Les passagers du delta, La vida es sueño, No Man’s Zone, Call Me When You Get There, … ) from TIDAL in Roon with TIDAL Service, give me no result?

Same thing with Joelle Leandre

How Strange!!!

I Logout from the Tidal Service in Roon, Login again and restart Roon.

I tried the search again. It took a long time, but this time the “Tidal Main Albums” section, appear correctly.

I did the same. Now works. Thanks.

New to both Roon & Tidal, about 2wks, I experience the same issue. Clicking on an artist like say YWF I’ll get titles from my library then I can get them from Tidal if I locate a release there and click on the artist link in that release. Not an isolated incident, it happens maybe half the time I try and drill down on a particular artist. Searching around it seems I’m not alone in this although I’ve yet to find any fixes. Any out there?? Super annoying and given the cost it seems a bit unreasonable.

Hi @Richard_Wallach.
Could you give one or two examples of what you are/are not seeing now? There can be several reasons why this might happen. Not saying this is okay, but it would be good to get to the heart of it if possible.
I have Qobuz, not Tidal, but may still be able to help.

Along with the YWF example I gave above I just searched Boliden and get the titles in Tidal but it does not show what’s in library. If I drill down from an album in my library it doesn’t show the Tidal contents.

There are so many quirky things like that I’m finding, the search so far in Roon is awful, about the worst I’ve experienced in any music library software. If I search Perila it takes sorting through a lot of artists before I find the one I’m looking for and then the releases shown do not include albums she’s on with other artists I assume because they are tagged “Perila and Ulla” so it doesn’t recognize them as 2 separate artists. Related, Ulla also goes by Ulla Straus (among other alias’s) so it’s a scavenger hunt trying to see all of their releases on one page (despite all being in the same folder in my library). I could go on and on…