Updated Moderation Policies in #Support 👀

Since Roon launched in 2015, we’ve done all of our support right here on the Community Site. Over the years, the community of Roon members has grown quite a bit, and our Support Team has expanded in parallel.

We’re extremely proud of the work our team does here, and while new members are sometimes initially unsure about community-based support, our team has a near-perfect record of winning over skeptics and demonstrating that this an effective and efficient way to support a product as complex as Roon, and not a way for us to avoid helping out.

When Roon members have a problem and they post the appropriate details, they get knowledgeable and helpful answers from our Support Team, from our developers and staff, from our CTO and other senior staff, and from other members of the community.

Posting a question and getting help from other members of the Community is hugely valuable for Roon members – customers from around the world regularly get quick, helpful responses, even when it’s the middle of the night for our US-based support staff.

When something isn’t working it’s easy to get frustrated, and in some cases that frustration ends up directed at the company or staff – we’ve all been there. In these cases, Roon members often step up and defend the product, the company, or our support practices, and of course we’re extremely grateful when that happens.

But sometimes this turns into a “pile on”, and because this Support category is the only way to get in touch with our team, we have a responsibility to make sure it’s an inviting place to get help. We love the lively discussion that happens on Community every day, but this is a part of the site where people are allowed to vent, and they’re even allowed to be misinformed – our Support Team is here to help, in all of these cases.

As such, we’re going to be moderating the support category more aggressively going forward. We’ve long encouraged open, uncensored debate across the site, provided everyone is following the rules, and that’s not going to change.

If you’re going to respond to a post in the Support category, we’d ask that you make sure you’re actually helping the poster resolve their issue. Instead of saying “do a search”, point them in the right direction. And if they’re not following the rules, flag the post instead of responding.

We don’t want to discourage people from helping other members, but going forward unhelpful posts in the support category will be unceremoniously removed, and we’ll be cleaning up threads to ensure they clearly document the issue + resolution – if a theory didn’t pan out and help resolve the issue, it may be removed in order to make sure the thread is helpful to others in the future.


In short, the #support section is not a place for discussion, which makes it unique – it’s a place for resolving issues so please keep that in mind when contributing, and know that moderation policies in this area are different. You can read some more details about our moderation policies for the Support category here.

Thanks everyone!