Build 416 Search Performance Feedback

Just did some search tests with artists I’ve not searched recently (and I rebooted my system recently anyway for other reasons). Pretty prompt, both obscure and well-known artists. California, local library (~20K tracks) + Qobuz. I’m wondering if there’s some cloud load management issue in Roon’s integration between local and streaming provider searches that happens for some users some of the time but not for all users all the time…

Also experiencing extremely slow searches of local library as well as Tidal and Qobuz. Much, much slower than pre-Qobuz Roon versions. Some searches go in excess of 30 seconds.

Innuos Zenith MK 2 running latest Roon 1.6 build.

NAS storage via LAN wired ethernet and on Zenith’s internal SSD.

Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions.

Steve Z

Same for me as reported above by zettelsm - both in terms of his configuration and his experience.

Does Roon not do any client-side caching? Returning to the same artists is just as slow every time.

I’ve said this already I don’t think its search that’s the issue, although it’s showing like it is, as Roons logs shows its returned in millisecs, yet the results are being delayed from being shown in the UI. So maybe a Roon server to remote issue is the problem.

These Innuos and the like boxes seem to be cropping up with a lot of what could be performance related issues…do we know what exactly the CPU is on these? At 25W operational power draw im guessing they are not speed demons.

CPU Intel Quad Core 2GHz
Memory 8Gb DDR3 - 4Gb dedicated for Memory Playback

The search time was always fast before the 1.6 update. Nothing changed in my network and is as stable as it was before the mentioned update so there has to be something going on in the Roon software is my opinion. It’s strange that after the update there are so much people having the same issues. I hope Roon is going to solve the search problems fast.

This is not machine related. I have a nice i7 well with in spec and have the issue.

On another thread, some have been reporting the top of text lines being cut off since 1.6. The work around in Windows is to change the high DPI settings:

The downside is that several have reported the resulting screens looking slightly less sharp / fuzzy. However, what I notice after making these changes is that search and other operations now seems much faster, snappier. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have seen several reports that the network search time is very fast, but the search experience is very slow. Is the slowness just a screen drawing effect that effects certain graphic configurations that was also changed in 1.6?

I also do not think the problem is my Core machine, network or internet connection. At least that is how I interpret the log entries of a slow search that took more than a minute:

04/27 09:35:10 Trace: [library] computing search results for ‘only you’ for profile 63:1:339f1328-5a4c-4d3b-89c0-dc7ce560037e returning up to 50 results per list
04/27 09:35:10 Debug: [library] search finished in 418ms
04/27 09:35:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of performers took 584ms
04/27 09:35:11 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of works took 860ms
04/27 09:35:12 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of tracks took 1951ms
04/27 09:35:43 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of composers took 32735ms
04/27 09:36:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of albums took 60419ms
04/27 09:36:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] ComputeTopResult took 44ms
04/27 09:36:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] end-to-end search took 60464ms

That certainly looks like too long to me. :blush:

Mine never showed up in the logs as being that long even when I had a minutes wait, I wonder if they added this in the last update to log it more accuratey.

just did a random search out of the blue for (the band) “elbow” … took over 1 minute to get results. I have 1 gig fibre, roon server running headless attached to the switch, and my mac laptop running roon client with a wifi Tx Rate of 702 Mbps … clearly not related to anything network :wink:

An update to my previous complaint about slow searches:

  1. Overall response of Roon is much slower for all operations. For example, just clicking on Overview from any other window can take 15 seconds or more. Searching for a title or artist, even if it is located on local storage on the Innuos Zenith is much slower than pre-build 416 1.6. Searches for local music content stored on my Thecus NAS hard-wired via ethernet directly to a router are also very slow. In all Roon functions, response time has slowed dramatically.

  2. This slow-down is happening without any changes to my home network or access to my ISP. I spent some time fine-tuning the settings on my DSL modem and Synology RT2600/MR2200 routers and though through-put internal to my LAN is running anywhere from 800 Mb/s to a low of 370 Mb/s, this did not speed up Roon response time. All the pertinent parts of my network related to music are hard-wired CAT 6 ethernet, except of course the control devices. Typically either an iPad Pro or iPhone X used for control, though sometimes I use a 2011 and a 2015 MacBookPro for control. Even connecting the MBPs via ethernet for control does not speed up Roon response time.

  3. To rule out the culprit being the Zenith Innuos I tried running Roon Core on my souped up, stripped down i7 Mac Mini, again, hard-wired to the local network via ethernet. This did not improve Roon response time.

  4. I initiated a trouble ticket with my ISP to test and groom the connection up to and including my DSL modem. This occurred last week. Though my service is rather slow compared to cable or fiber internet, it is a very solid 10 Mb/s down, 2 Mb/s up with no drops, disconnects or re-trains indicated on the modem log since the trouble ticket work was completed.

Hope this helps. As it stands now I would strongly consider rolling back to a previous version of Roon if that is possible.

Thank you,

Steve Z

Oh, and it does not matter if it is the first search or a re-search, the times typically run 15 seconds to as much as 30 seconds. Maybe more, my patience usually runs out at the 30 second point.

A typical search string might be: “Duke Ellington”, or “Who’s Next”, or “Jamie Saft”

Steve Z

Not so hot really. I completely reinstalled Roon today and solved some problems on the way (related to Roon Bridge) but then searched for Caecilie Norby and it took a long long time before results were offered (I would guess about a minute or more). When I tried the same (and a few others) search later it was instantaneous.

PS. All music now on USB harddisk attached to core (MacMini late 2012).

Yup, in addition to fixing some generalized performance issues in the last release, we also wanted to make sure we were properly logging performance here, so we’d be able to clearly understand where any future search slowness was coming from.

We’re glad that search is faster for a number of users since our most recent update, but having looked at the numbers, I want to be clear that we understand why a number of you are not happy with the current performance of search – we’re not either.

There are some infrastructure changes coming that we know will make search faster, and those changes are getting closer every day, but in the meantime I wanted to let everyone know that we’ve put a developer on search performance to ensure we know exactly where things are getting bogged down. These improvements should be rolling out soon, but I wanted to be clear that this feedback isn’t being ignored, and we have people working on this as we speak.

Also, just to be clear, none of what I’ve said here relates to searches that repeatedly take 15 seconds or more – if you are seeing that on a regular basis and you’re running a properly spec’d Core, we’d like to hear from you.

Thanks everyone – we appreciate the feedback here, and look forward to releasing some search performance improvements soon.


Thanks for the update .

My search and remote have been much quicker and connection stable since going from a 2017 12.9 iPad Pro to a new 2018 MacBook Air. That iPad was nothing but a source of frustration.

On another note, feature wise, it would be cool to have a ‘jump direct to’ setting in search. So for example, if searching for an artist, it jumps direct to their page, or if an album, direct to that album page. Genre to the genre, etc. If I search for, say, ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’ I want that, I don’t need all the other random results the word combo brings up - just take me to that album page so I can start playing. Of course this would be best as toggle on/off choice. No idea how or if this could work, but I’m always thinking Roon could use a lot less clicks to get where one needs/knows they want to go.

For me build 416 has been a godsend. For the past 6 months Roon has been unusable for me, nevermind slow searches it couldn’t find tracks to play ( local and Tidal) the song appeared on the screen with a reciprocating blue bar and nothing would play. When on the odd occasion I did actually get some music to start the core would then lose connection to all my end points. Frustrating was not the word even help from @dylan came to no avail. I even cancelled my subscription as I couldn’t see the point in paying £100+ for something that just didn’t work. Over the past few weeks I have revisited on occasions only to find exactly the same issues, that is until now and build 416. My setup has not changed one bit, but all of a sudden Roon is functioning as it should, searches are fast, tracks load instantly and the core no longer looses connection to the end points. I haven’t re- committed as yet because I want to make sure this is not a flash in the pan, but the signs are promising and I may just have to write off my previous wasted six months of subscription and re sign for another year.

Search is still painfully slow for me (Tidal subscription). Glad to hear there’s a fix coming soon.