Roon 1.4 Questions

Thank for working to continuously improve Roon.

  1. How can I add a single track to the Queue instead of it immediately playing? Seems we’ve lost feature to add it to the queue - either as next in line or at the bottom of the list.

  2. I have had Roon Core on an iMac connected via Ethernet to ulatraRend and Moon 280D DAC. I have replaced the uRendu with the Innuos Zenith SE Mk ll. I am using the Zenith for Core Audio + Roon Player. Roon was downloaded and activated after deactivating Roon Core on the iMac. Then the source files were auto imported from the iMac to the Zenith. I have spent LOTS of time adding and improving artist artwork and was surprised when none of it showed up when the files moved even though it is the same Roon account. Help?

  • it does not appear Roon discovers the artist photo files even when they are in the artist/album files
  1. Why aren’t Playlists created on the iMac Roon Core transferring to the new Core?
  1. Click on the track name and either choose “Add Next” or “Queue” from the pop up.
  2. You need to backup your original Core database and restore it on install of the new Core.
  3. Same reason.

Following on from Jeff’s post re #1 … also checkout

Settings —> Play Action for customisation option.

Jeff, Carl - thanks for the support.

Sorry I didn’t realize I could click anywhere on the track File EXCEPT the play arrow or 3 vertical bullets and I could Access add to Queue features. Got it!

I am having contouring problems restoring the existing Roon Database in a separate Roon Core located on a different device (InnuOS Zenith SE Mkll).

I’ve printed out instructions from Kowledge Base but my best efforts following the guide is not working.

  • I’ve created a new backup and seen thousands of files be counted as the backup was created.
  • I drug the File to Dropbox, authorized Roon’s access from an iPad.
  • Before logging into the new Zenith Core, I’ve clicked Restore a Backup and selected the Roon Backup folder (identified with a bunch of letters/numbers).
  • it tells me nothing is in the folder.

Your help is appreciated.

Go up one folder, it will then find the backup(s) and let you choose it.

Jeff. Carl – Having another issue trying to create backups so I can migrate them to a new device which will be housing both Roon Core and Server.

I have the two different Backup locations chosen for updates daily. I just changed the number of backups to be kept from 2 to 99.

Picture below shows how the backups are set up. I also forced backups to each location and you can see the time stamp for each is this afternoon.

Next, you can see the RoonBackups Folder to which the first forced backup was to go. Nothing it it.

Below you can see there is one file in the second backup location (external hard drive), but that file is dated Nov 27, 2016.

So. I am not sure what the heck is going on, but will appreciate all the help I can get fixing this issue. I need some backups!



Sorry…one more thing I forgot. Here you can see a database backup that is dated modified today at 3:49 pm. The problem is that I when I restore it on Roon before logging into the Zen via iPad it gives me only two database dates - both in OCTOBER!! I’m sure its operator error, so I’m looking to you guys to set me strait so I can get on with my instal! on the Zen. Very frustrating.



Database File

Go on your original Core and use the Find Backups option to take a look at your existing backups at each backup location. It will help you get pointed to the right folder for your restore.

Worst case scenario delete the old backups and create a new one on the original core.

also note that the Settings > Play Actions customisation allows you to change the action that is triggered by the arrow on the left of a track row.
In the example attached, I dragged “Add Next From Here” to the top of the action list for Playlist Tracks

There was a change end of October. Since then, Roon on Macs stores the backups in a hidden folder. You will find all your backups in Finder when you enable show hidden files. The folder names are still the same, but start with a dot, like .7e2a855…
According to the developers it is a feature not a bug to hide the backup from direct view in Finder. For those that prefer to have control over their files and specifically backups it is a dangerous and confusing change. Just my opinion.

Following your path, I reveal the hidden Library folder in Finder/Go.

In Library, there are 3 potentially relevant folders with sub folders identified for each;”:

  • RAATServer
    • Logs
  • Roon
  • Cache
  • Database
    • Cache
    • Core
    • id
    • Storage
  • Logs
  • Settings
  • Temp
  • Roon Bridge
    • Database
      • Registry
    • Logs
    • Settings

None of these or the Database contents look like the right thing

Why don’t you just configure Dropbox support in Roon and back up your original core right to Drop Box. That way you know exactly where your backup is and that it’s current.

This is not what I meant. In my ‚Roon Backups‘ folder there are all newer backups (after Nov. 26) in folders hidden by using a ‚dot‘ in front of the folder name.

Jeff - I’m sorry, but nothing is working. Using FIND BACKUPS to browse to the two backup locations tells me what I already know. There is nothing in the folders, except two backups from October, and one backup that is empty.

As you suggested, I removed any backup files (all beginning with 7e2…) from the two Roon Backups folders and put them on my desktop. I removed the existing - but now empty - Roon Backups folder from both locations.

I re-established (cleared and re-entered) the location of the backup folders on the backup page. I Forced a back up Now for the folder to be located at Macintosh HD/users/Bruce/Music.

I created the back up. It took some time, but slowly but surely it indicated that 100% of the backup was completed. It indicated the time of 10:30 this morning.

I checked the location, and no backup was there. I used Spotlight search to find any files beginning with 7e2. The only files discovered were the two that I placed on my desktop. I went to Finder/Go/Library and checked files for RAAT, Roon and Roon Bridge. I checked all subfolders, and could find nothing with identifed as "7e2…, nor anything else that was recently modified.

All of this had been done with the Core on my iMac connected, no music playing.

I then closed Roon and re0started the iMac hoping for a Hail, Mary. No new files were in the Backup Folder locations AND the Last Successful Backup no longer indicated I had just completed a Backup!!

Jeff - What is going on here? I’ve got to get this solved so I can get preferences, playlists, merged albums, etc. to the Zenith. So far this is the third day of working almost the entire day to try to make this happen. But as importantly, I need to know Backups are being created for peace of mind.

Streamy - I have nothing that looks like that in Roon Backups. How do I reveal the hidden files? Thanks for your help.

E.g. from here:

  1. Open Terminal found in Finder > Applications > Utilities
  2. In Terminal, paste the following:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
  3. Press return
  4. Hold the ‘Option/alt’ key, then right click on the Finder icon in the dock and click Relaunch.

I backup to a NAS, so I don’t have the hidden files/folder issue you might be having.

I just went to my iMac and told my core to create a backup in a local folder called Roon on a USB 3 AppleFS formatted drive. Within that folder, Roon has created a folder called RoonBackups. That’s the backup folder, and the one you should care about even if it doesn’t seem to have anything in it.

After the backup was complete I used the “Find Backups” function and pointed it at the above mentioned RoonBackups folder and it listed the newly created hidden backup inside just fine.

In Find Backups, stop at the alpha numeric folder and then click select. Just like here:

Or in View Scheduled Backups, click 3 dots menu and the Clean/Restore.

Can you see your backups using these methods?

Cheers, Greg

Thanks All!!

I have created a new backup on my iMac. Following the advice here, I used Find Backups to browse the folder. Even though the display said Empty Folder, once I went ahead and selected the folder, the backup appeared. Hallelujah!

Next challenge: Now I need to restore the backup on a separate Core on a different device using a remote.

I believe I am supposed to go to the Roon Log In page on the iPad, but before selecting one of the 2 Cores to use I need to hit the Restore a Backup link. If this is the right approach, here’s where I get lost.

I’m only seeing a Dropbox destination opportunity and don’t know the info needed to add a Network Share.
Is Network Share Location the iMac IP address (with a smb:// prefix?

Is the user name and password for the iMac or Router?

Sorry, guys. I’m an work in progress.

Copy that new roonbackup folder onto a usb thumbstick or any portable drive and plug it into your new core.