Roon 1.5 anticipation

That would my main wish.

At this point I’d just like to be able to identify and have the option to filter out MQA albums so I don’t have multiple copies of the same album showing up. I wouldn’t mind if Roon had the option of doing the first MQA unfold (pre DSP), just so folks still interested in comparing MQA can use their existing DAC in their current signal path.

The only thing gnawing at me right now though is the amount of redundant information displayed in the queue view. I’d also like to be able to search / filter by label in Tidal (for albums that I haven’t added to my library).


Fix the Tidal playback issues. It’s been going on way too long

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surprise me


Still waiting for Genre playing using track level genre tags…sigh. :frowning:

Wow! :clap: on referring to such an old post.

MQA? it`s already here - at least if you got a Blusound player.

I REALLY miss a good alarm clock, not like the extension out there. And a way to brosw/search for internet radio. Both these features are easy to implement, and most other software competing with Roon have these,


Dirac integration.

Improve the transparency of the included EQ, is good but there are better.

+1 for EQ transparency
More efficient engine for applying Convolution to DSD material
Or at the least the ability to turn of Convolution when DSD music plays

+1 on Dirac integration. A definitive step forward for roon

Could you explain this (or point to other thread)

It is simple, when EQ is inserted minimum equalization in bands where the ear is not so sensible, it produces a little alteration of the sound and of the focus of the scene, more apreciable at the highest sampling frequencies. I think that the result I obtain with other mm players or when I use Flux Epure V3 on my DAW or with my former physical eq by Weiss is better. Of course IMHO. Perhaps a modular architecture that allow third party devs to offer other EQ tools could be the answer. As I wrote the result at present is good, my observation is motivated by the love I have for Roon and the desire to improve it and make it the best of all.

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main want for me too.

A Dirac integrated is indeed a step :slight_smile:
(little math geek joke)

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+1 :laughing:

A customisable Now Playing screen… Have asked many times but cannot even get a reply from anyone at Roon… pretty poor really


Agreed. The now playing screen is o.k. for ipad or phone use but pretty worthless for higher resolution screens at a distant, just where it could be most usefull. I am one of the few it seems that has a fullblown desktop with screen in my audiorack and would like to be able to read the artis/title from at least 3m on a 19" screen. As with many parts of Roon the multiplatform consistancy seems to be one of the strong parts but at the same time the archillesheel of Roon. Personally I think it is utterly stupid trying to be to consistent between a phone and a 22" wide screen. There is an answer to it, customizing.

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Dirac Integration would be great - but 1.5 is too soon for that I‘m sure unfortunately. Room correction though will play a bigger role even in 1.5 / 1.6+ as it‘s a crucial contribution to overal sound quality.
And further usability improvements as usual.

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+500000 on that one, Mike!