Roon 1.5 anticipation

I seem to remember Roon said they would stop the Big Bang releases and we would have more frequent versions with a smaller amount of new features.

So perhaps it’s time for some mindless speculation as to what might be in Roon 1.5?

A lot undoubtedly waiting for MQA but I’d be happier with some metadata enhancements and the ability to add some more user content. And of course the “history” improvements first mooted many moons ago.


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MQA is no longer important to me as I no longer subscribe to Tidal. I’m looking forward for improved Internet radio and the support of FLAC-OGG lossless streaming and better option to change to meta-tagging on the file itself.

Any other streaming partners are welcome.


Ha ha - I knew someone would crumble…!!

Ah well I DO want MQA - only cos I have a DF than can…

Mobile is interesting

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Some improvement of the Internet Radio capability. Anything would be an improvement really, given the current state of it… :slight_smile:

I have zero interest in MQA, having just read the Archimago (sp?) posting elsewhere on the subject (please do not take that comment as an excuse to turn this into yet another MQA thread!) but it will inevitably be in a release soonish.

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All I’m really missing is the support for Deezer. I know it’s more up to Deezer, but there have been so many rumors that I wish it would happen sooner rather than later.

The UI overhaul is also interesting. Not a big fan of the sideways scrolling, but I’ve mostly gotten used to it.

Couldn’t care less about MQA.


I think you should have muted this thread :wink: . Bad person…

My guess is that 1.5 will be Roon radio that dips into Tidal without it being added to your library.


+1 for MQA and +1 for Radio enhancement, including available user selected range of Radio from narrow to wide as well as forays into Tidal tracks not in user library for music discovery.


Lossless radio streaming is interesting. Also the ‘input device’ would be nice to have now.


How about improvements for classical libraries . Say Composer view showing albums not works AND filtration by genre . That way quicker to a chosen album

I for one really don’t listen by work more by Album



My first priority would be the UI improvements, combined with (better) handling of classical music and large box sets. Second would be native room correction options.


Easy way to access Roon from Internet when I’m not at home - like Plex


UI enhancements, metadata Improvements, overview improvements, tighter Tidal integration, Tidal exploration enhancement. Do not care much about any of the rest at this state of Roon, can all come later.


Away from home listening for your library and cloud collection.

This is what I love about Apple Music/iTunes.


This or a way to sync with your phone.


I would like the ability to edit individual songs album art like every other player.

Can you remind what improvements they were ?

I thought this thread was about predictions not wish list? Otherwise it just becomes a very random feature request thread?


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Yes you are very right. So my post should have looked like:

Some tiny UI enhancements, some minor metadata Improvements, no overview improvements, not any change to the album browser, artist browser etc. Some tighter Tidal integration (radio) just maybe. Might come later. But I think we will get more dsp funtions, MQA unfold, maybe room correction. That are my predictions for 1.5 and 1.6. But I do hope I’m wrong.

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