Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread


Great release!!! I suspect those that already like the 1.6 release are even happier now. This release should make a lot of people that weren’t happy more happy. Some people you can never please…



Overall a very impressive update. Congratulations to Roon team @mike for taking onboard feedback and producing an update so quickly.

So far there’s only one thing I don’t like - the move to the top right for selecting options on the ‘now playing’ screen. It felt much more intuitive when it was in the centre (as in previous version). Wondering what the rationale was behind the change?

Probably had to do with the artist image cropping issue and moving things around to support a greater variety of aspect ratios without having those icons be in the way. Either way once you get used to it, probably work fine.

A great update!

Smooth, fast responsive, better UX, probably a hard decision considering Qobuz purchase but very fine for me. Thanks for taking time to listen to users feedback.


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Updated Android app just showed up here. Works great so far.

Very minor request. Not sure if this has been asked before but can the dynamic lyrics transition be made more smooth? As it is, the lyrics “jump” from line to line.

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Is that with the new iOS client or old?

I’m not a fan of the “X” in my opinion it’s redundant * and visually ugly.

Clicking on footer on or around the small “v” closes the now playing screen.


Same first thought I had, minor issue though… I think they can remove the “X” as it’s redundant.

Sure, fine to remove the X, but why are we clicking “down” to “close” something or go “back.”

I guess there is some fiction that most of what we view in Roon are the base pages, and then “now playing” has some special status as something that is like an overlay, it hovers “above” and is a page to be closed, and to which “back” and “forward” do not apply (you cannot either go back or forward from Now Playing, nor can you go back or forward TO Now Playing), but it is a little weird, since the page isn’t otherwise distinctive relative to the rest of Roon.

I am just wondering if there is some reason for this. It’s not worth a picket line or anything. Wondering if it was historical based on an earlier conception of Roon, or if it means something else will be done with it in the future - like being able to drag it outside of the Roon window?

I mean, it seems deliberately inconsistent for no current reason. It absolutely is not a negative to me, just a curiosity. It does cross me up on occasion to end up not where I expected.


Everything looks like tremendous improvement from these comments and screen shots. I am at work though :cry:. The Android update showed up on my phone, so I expect to give it a go on my tablet when I get home.

Wow, I’m sorry but I don’t share everyone’s enthusiasm for the new Now Playing page. I was under the mistaken impression that we would be getting something similar to the Now Playing page from 1.5 but this isn’t anything like that at all. Instead we’ve got a page with a slightly larger thumbnail of the album stuck in the middle of a large blank space instead of filling the screen that way it used to and just as inportant to me because I use shuffled playlists regularly, no indication of what’s up next the way there was in 1.5. First World Problem? You bet. Disappointed just the same.



It may not be what your are looking for but if you click on the circular disk icon at the top right you get this:

Looks like you can display a large album cover if you want. I’ve only been playing with the new version for a little while so I don’t know if you can set it to default to the large album cover instead of the artist picture.

FYI the five little icons at the top right select from left to right:

Artist Picture
Album Cover
Album Review
Artist Bio
Track Credits

Not sure if there are additional icons that could show up.

** Edit **

There is at least one more icon which indicates Roon has scrolling lyrics for the track. It shows up to the left of the icon for Artist Picture. And in my case the display switched from the large album cover to the lyrics when the Jethro Tull album ended and Roon Radio played a Supertramp track. Again, don’t know if this behavior can be overridden.


You can edit which options show up and their order under the 3 dot menu.


Thanks … I was pretty sure it was in there but just had not gone looking yet. I’m a little embarrassed to say ( please don’t hate me too much :sunglasses: ) that I rarely use the now playing screen.

Not sure what this means for Dave but it appears that every time the track changes it goes back to the Artist Picture even if there is an Album Cover ( Art ) for the new track. I don’t know if the fact there is not a setting slider for Album Art even though it is listed is significant.

Might be handy to let everyone set what they want the default to be.


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That’s what the re-ordering is for :grinning: You can change the order using the “handles” to the right.

Whatever is in the first slot will be displayed by default. If that’s not available, we work down the list, top to bottom.