Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

So maybe the whole thing is that your servers do not cope with the sharply increased number of users (especially during peak hours) and you should upgrade your servers? I am inclined precisely for this reason and for such solution to the problem.

what’s slow – search, starting playback, navigating, etc.

All of the above when it comes to Tidal and / or Qobuz. When network stream services are disabled, it all works very quickly.


If you are not fast you are last…the most important advice for roon…

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Hi Dylan - with due respect, it does seem like there are a lot of performance comments that originated with the 1.6 release. You may not be seeing identical comments but that may be because user’s usage patterns are very different and the same performance issue manifests itself in different ways depending on what the user does.

For me, I am constantly searching to assemble tagged groups to shuffle. So that is where I see it. It is seldom so bad that I have to restart Roon or reboot the core, and it seems to get better with time on its own, if left alone.


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So far I am not having any problem with Roon. My setup works fine.

Sounds like it could be a performance issue. Might want to get support involved to check if your setup has enough horsepower. Personally, I am not having an issues, but I do have a very capable network setup. Most stuff is hard wired.

What problems ? Nothing sad from my side

I’m with you, nothing sad going on with my install. Certainly can’t figure out from my perspective why people have so many problems with this software, it always seems to work for me. It’s a resource hog from time to time but I certainly am not going to be all postal over it :slight_smile:

PS: There was a blog on the PS Audio forum the other day about software design, as they are working on their own server software for an upcoming product, and how it’s easy to design the software for the regular user, but, it’s the fringe user that creates many challenges or makes it difficult to know how to design something. The folks that are clueless about network configuration, for example, or who have sub-standard router or other equipment, yet expect performance as if they had state-of-the-art products. Anyway…my two-cent’s worth.

There is a big problem with very slow displaying of searches in v1.6. It does not seem to effect everybody, but none the less it’s becoming a more and more prevalant as more post about it. Roon support have also said that there is a problem with the software and they are working on fixing it now, but cant say when it will be released or have said exactly what the issue is.

I will admit I guess that searches have been somewhat slow, but, not so much that I was ready to throw in the towel on the software. My biggest issue is the constant rescanning of files which totally hogs all the resources of my computer and brings the software to a crawl. I have researched a few ways to fix that and it seems that much of my library issue is that I have Roon set to use my iTunes library, however the correspondent files are located on a networked NAS. I do seem to understand this creates some issue. I am about ready to bypass iTunes altogether and just tell Roon that my library files are in the networked drive letter and let it sort them out directly.

This has been strange, what issues? Everything’s good on my end

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Lucky those that have no problem. The others that aren’t that lucky Roon has acknowledged there are reproducible problems and they are working on it. @Larry_Herrett nothing to do with network savvy or not. Fact is there are issues affecting users outside of what they can do. And it is clear that Computer/network Audio and streaming works in their environment but not Roon version 1.6 built 401.


You know don’t you as soon as I have publicly stated I have no problems I will start to have them :slight_smile:

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