Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Ah - got it - I have “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” switched off, so I wasn’t seeing the duplicates in my collection…


Great work Roon Team! Flawless upgrade process again. With each version upgrade, I’m continually reminded what a great deal we got with the lifetime subscription.

Next up for me: Qobuz availability in Canada and adapting to the UI changes; I miss the ability to “love tracks” from the footer without opening the “now playing” window.

Thanks for a great product, great updates (and seamless upgrade process), great community engagement, and for providing a great experience listing to digital music.

Keep it up!


Settings the services and sign in.

Or something. If I wanted to see a pic of some random old guy I’d look in the mirror.


It does work…for the subset of the Qobuz catalog that they have analyzed. We had to ask that they add this feature on their side (and they did), but it will take them some time to produce the gain information for their whole catalog. This should resolve itself as their effort continues with nothing further from us.

To fix this, we need to totally overhaul our Android audio playback code. This work is planned out and should be starting soon now that 1.6 is out the door.

We carefully considered/debated the merits of several different behaviors for this switch, and have good reasons for making it a per-search state and not a global state. If there is enough feedback about this, we’ll certainly discuss it again.

A really important design goal for this screen is that your spouse/guest/etc can walk up to Roon at a party, type “Beyonce” and get Beyonce, no matter how narrow/particular/eclectic your library happens to be. If that switch were made persistent, that use case would fall apart the first moment the switch was used.

Part of how we brought it back towards the center is by designing the results sorting to pull the library stuff forward pretty strongly, so that you don’t have to dig for it. TBH, I don’t think I’ve used the “only in library” switch at all after the first week or two with the new search screen despite having a large personal library…it became unnecessary because the results made enough sense out of the box.

This will be fixed as part of a larger overhaul of audio analysis that is tentatively planned for this year.

We add a new batch of testers for every major release. In practice, the mix of active contributors tends to be 50/50 old/new during the testing…so whatever it is you are complaining about here, that’s not the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

The thumbs up/down on the queue screen is about accepting/rejecting the next track into the queue. I agree that the iconography is confusing (consistently, we find a small % of people who are triggered by it). We will probably change it in the future.

I’m not sure what the “call home for shared likes” feature is. Can you explain?

“Next Up” is anxiety-inducing–it prompts some people to worry about it all the time. Having it on the (very rarely used) screensaver was an experiment. We decided not to keep it when we decided to make this screen a bigger part of the product.

It’s probably the screen I live in more than any other now. One of the screens on my desk is pretty much always there so I can see what’s playing. It’s great with lyrics, nice to see the artist artwork, and occasionally nice to explore deeper, especially when radio picks something I’m unfamiliar with.

This is the most exciting part of the release to me. I’m looking forward to doing lots more discovery-oriented features in the future.


thank you very much @mike :slight_smile:

btw… looks (not yet sure about it) also my Qobuz favourites have been added to my library :no_mouth:
might make sense also giving users an option here :wink:
I use favourites just to keep track of albums I want to listen to before actually purchasing or, now, adding to my library

I am with Qobuz since 2013. Bought many of albums since then.
Now in the Album browser all is mixed up with my local database. See pl_svn and Peregrino.
In the Favorite Albums section I can view and hopefully rearrange my Qobuz favorites.
That is (was) my plan.

See below. Just posted above.

For my taste the now playing screen is chaotic.

Why cant we turn off artist images in now playing screen
That’s the main item I want to customize and not see


Yes, thanks.
We posted at the same time…

This is how it has always worked with TIDAL - favourite a TIDAL album in the TIDAL app, and Roon syncs it into the Roon Library. Makes sense to me to have the same behaviour with the second streaming service to be integrated into Roon.

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Congratulations to the Roon team! I am listening to Radio now and checking out the new dip-into-Tidal. Expecting to greatly broaden my musical horizons now!

A few quibbles, as I think these ought to be addressed quickly:

—Why kill any possibility of larger album cover art? Now, “now playing” and the web display are effectively the same, except “now playing” lets you index through some other info. But neither gives any option for large “now playing” cover art that updates with the next track. Given Roon’s focus on the “wow” of album cover art, this is an odd decision. And I didn’t really feel that the album cover art was large enough in the last version of Roon either. Need an option for something that fills most of the screen. Roon’s design team may not like it, but you don’t have to live with it anyway - let us do it in our houses if we want :slight_smile:

—Artist picture cropping is now buggy in both the web view and the now playing screen. Same issue with both - cuts of heads frequently. I don’t understand the decision to roll this out with such an obvious bug, that shouldn’t be that hard to fix, and affects every user.

—“Up next” should be available in both the queue view and the Now Playing view. At least as an option. We had it when the queue was integrated with Now Playing and I feel like we’ve lost something here that many liked. The queue when radio is on is only one track, that track playing now, and so you have a ton of empty space and it’s not super attractive, and this is the only page that displays “up next.” This isn’t what I’d put in front of my friends as a 10 foot interface. That should be available on the more attractive Now Playing screen. I’d love to see that on the web display too.

Didn’t want to start off my review with complaints, and these are relatively minor, but I think they were odd design decisions and taking away from items that worked or were there in prior versions. Gosh it hurts to think it could be months or next year before these are rectified.


It’s the screen I have on in the background whenever I’m playing something, almost always a playlist.
It’s displayed on a screen that’s easily visible, while I’m sitting comfortably.
It’s there so I (or anyone else listening) can glance up to easily see what’s currently playing.

I have an iPad I use for control and browsing. On the now playing screen I just want to see the file artwork (which I have spent a load of time getting just right for every track) as large as possible.

I understand that other people use this screen differently, and I think making it configurable is a great idea.
I just don’t understand why you’ve made the artist picture compulsory and big (especially as the default art is pretty dreadful).
Why not offer just large artwork as an option. I’m sure there are many people who use the now playing screen as I do (judging by previous threads on this).

By the way … I love everything else


right the reason why I never liked Roon’s integration of Tidal :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously: having options there would be a godsend, also since… there already is a dedicated Qobuz Favourites section :wink:

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Perhaps the whole idea of artist’s pictures was never a good idea. Just popularized by music labels because they were too cheap to commission original artwork for album covers – I’m looking at you, jazz and classical. No reason a 21st-century music system has to continue to mindlessly propagate 20th-century cost mitigations.

More interesting would be to put up a staff, and display a transcription of the actual music playing. Probably beyond the reach of current technical abilities, though.

Maybe I am missing something here, but where are the “top streaming” and “top download” Qobuz charts on Roon?

I can see them on Qobuz own up, and on third party apps that integrate Qobuz. Such as MConnectHD, or iPeng 9 for SqueezeLite.

I don’t see them on Roon, under Qobuz headings.

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Yes, that feature would be of great help.

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The title Qobuz screen scrolls vertically… They seem to be there for me.

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Or, you know, many years. There are promises in the forum from 2015 to support the LYRICS tag, still unfulfilled.

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Hi, thanks for this great update.

I am with Qobuz since 2012 and I bought some albums. Now I have these albums twice in my library; once as flac (streaming version) and once as alac (my download). That’s absolutely ok. I also see all other qobuz streaming albums, I can add to my library (same as TIDAL) - but without a streaming subscription! This does not make sense, does it? I can’t play these albums.