Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Ah that might well be it, thanks.

Thank you for the prompt reply, Geoff. With all due respect, if you need more than one sentence to tell me how to read lyrics to the music while it’s playing, Roon’s design team screwed up.

Amazing really why some people feel the need to be so chippy on these threads :-1:


And so assured in it. People may feel deeply but no need to be rude about it.


The world would be boring if everyone shared the same outlook and approach, wouldn’t it? Everyone who works for Roon is a big boy or girl, they’ll be alright, and if not, I’m sure they could message me about it.

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Well that is a revealing outlook I guess.

I’m seeing a lot of reports of slow servers because of all the interest in Quobuz integration so maybe that is all it is.

Will subscribed (not favorited) playlists in Qoboz eventually filter through to roon?

Tim, I have never spoken to anyone on the Roon team with anything but the utmost respect when I’ve interacted with them personally, but, this thread is for feedback based on my usage of the product. In their e-mail about 1.6, the Roon folks even say good or bad, “we can handle it!”

I’m sorry, but, in my humble opinion, if it takes more than one or two sentences to justify a UI choice, it’s the wrong one. That’s how I feel.

The explanations are getting longer, and the options more convoluted. I don’t believe that things are moving in a positive direction as far as the user experience is concerned.

I’m typing quick thoughts because I’m trying to get a few in to break up the monotony of my work day.
If you are offended by my manner of speech, I do sincerely apologize, but, I’m sure if anyone on staff takes issue with how I’ve addressed anyone, they will certainly communicate with me about it.

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Great! I’m compiling some ideas right now, when you start to think about it the solution is not so simple, libraries and favourites are definitely not the same thing, but I think closer integration with streaming services will guarantee a healthy future :slightly_smiling_face:

With all due respect, I don’t work for Roon.

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Play Queue glitch:

  • added an album, from Qobuz, to my library and started playback
  • clicking album’s cover, in Play Queue, opens “album’s page” on Qobuz, not the one in my library (now playing track has the “playing” animation beside and "Add to Library button is there, on top, beside cover)
  • opening the very same album from my library… no “playing” animation :no_mouth:

Just click the Speaker (Volume) icon at the bottom right.

Cheers, Greg

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Understood. Thank you for your explanation, regardless, Geoff.

If anything, this interaction illustrates (to me) how far in the weeds the user experience has fallen.

It wasn’t what you yourself wrote, in particular, it’s more the idea that the two options you presented highlight that things have gotten a bit too convoluted, again, in my opinion.

I do apologize for my tone.

As for the new update, a) I already own a music collection which I paid for, and b) I could give a f*ck as to what some algorithm thinks I should listen to next.

I want Roon to stream and organize the digital music I own.

#2 - Fix whatever issues so I can listen to my music over a VPN.
#1 - Add functionality so I can add my own album reviews and artist biographies. You already allow this for other metadata, just open up those fields !


I’ll second that. I have quite a few albums/artists that are unlikely to ever make it onto the major databases that I would like to add summaries/reviews to.


Stilll no vertical scrolling?


Yep, agreed.

Down thumb on the left and up thumb on the right please
Intuitively it’s backwards


Downgrade possibility would be nice. Current interface is not my cup of tea. I would never buy a licencse based on than look.