Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Ditto. Very well done. Congratulations. Very happy customer.
Love the Qobuz integration. Only missing the Grands Angles section (with the articles). Any plan to include it in the future @brian?
Can’t wait to get home tonight to play with Radio

Download Roon Core first. It takes awhile. Once that is loaded try upgrading the tablet app. I’m up and running with version 390 on my Imac Roon Core & ipad tablet.

Not sure I should attempt to say much as it nears 2 am here in Memphis but I did upgrade ( went smoothly on all 4 devices that needed it ) and have been listening for a few minutes.

Using Google Home Hub as a display works much better but the periodic screen refresh flashes are still around and the text ( especially the two time fields ) is still too small. Big background image still appears to be cropped at the top but I’ve only played tracks from two albums so I’ve only seem two images. Lyrics ( when available ) seem to scroll smoothly and are easy to read.

** Edit ** Looks like I spoke too soon, my hub just stopped displaying Roon information and went back to displaying random pictures from my Google drive. I was not timing it but I’d guess it worked for 15-25 minutes.


Congratulations!!! Qobuz integration is what I and many others were waiting for! Great work!


Just connected with Qobuz and playing my first album :-).
In the queue view however I have the impression that the track info shows the info of the first track and doesn’t get updated later on.

E.g. Haley Tuck, album ‘Junk’ composer stays the whole time: Leonard Cohen

I’m on Mac.

Something along the same lines. Lyrics do not scroll with the music.

This is not happening here. I am on a win 10 PC though.

Roon core 1.6 no more accessible by iPad Air / iOS 10.3 / roon 1.3.

I need an aging 32 Bit App on the iPad Air. Therefore I can not upgrade to iOS > 10 / roon 1.6.
So: no more roon on this thing

But Roon 1.6 looks great on my iPad Pro 2018 – in landscape and portrait mode.

I’m shocked that you still had a 1.3 remote working with 1.5. I’m sure some things didn’t work right :slight_smile:

We haven’t had time to work on that problem yet–I am a big fan, though, and I have one right next to my bed, so I am hoping we figure something out for it soon.

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Plenty of people do I’m afraid. There was probably a lot of behind the scenes work that you will benefit from.

For some of that editorial content, the only practical way to display it would be with an embedded web browser. We have some other ideas about adding more textual content to Roon, and are planning to go back to the Qobuz stuff once we have more infrastructure in place + a broader set of that kind of stuff to offer.

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It takes a few hours for apple to propagate the updates to the app store in each country. We actually gamble a little bit and push the iOS button a couple hours early to give them some time…it’ll all catch up on its own over the next couple of hours.


Thanks for the information.

I’ll be on the lookout for a future update to address the issues with the hub. I have one next to my bed as well but this one is in another room next to a Pi running RoPieee with a display. When it worked the hub and the Pi did seem to stay in sync.


Hi Jonas. I hope you can stick with it, as Roon is clearly on an upward path as regards the UX side of things. General feeling is that other updates will be coming to improve things further.

The queue looked funny. Play next replaced the queue. Add to queue worked as expected.
Everything else I need worked well.
Now I have to reach out for one of my other iOS or MacOS devices.
I will survive…

Thanks worked this time, no update when I first tried


The next big round of stuff out of our new machine learning/data infrastructure (and the ui improvements that go along with it) are going to have some nice stuff for classical listeners. You should give “randomized play” a fair shot. I’ve added more stuff to my library testing this feature in the past few months than the year prior. I think it will be a nice kick to get a lot of us out of our collector caves.

I’ve also been leading discussions about more tactical improvements recently, so that we can fit some of that into the schedule in the coming year too, for example: Grouping Issue Redocumented


Are you talking about the new footer design? You can get to the queue by pressing the “Queue” button. The main area of the footer opens the new “Now Playing” screen. Separating the two screens gave us space to make both of them better.

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In general: ROON was and still is a great piece of software. But as Jonas_Ekroth said „A dissapointing release for me personally. …. I never really understood the interest for the radio function. Why would I want to listen to randomized music.“

I – and a lot of other people I think – have been waiting für a internetradio integration on ROON level. Nothing happen – or did i missed something?


Most of the work on this was done over the past 9 months or so, but it didn’t end up complete/polished enough to make it out the door in 1.6. At some point we have to draw the line and deliver a release. It’s still coming.