Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Check the appstore it does not autoupdate apps

@brian Great to see Roon Radio integration which lifts Roon to the next level of evolution.
Just a quick question: how does it determine if I like or dislike a song and adapt the machine learning process ?

Regarding UI/UX update - when will this crucial area be adressed?

Was there any work done to RAAT? I’m playing very familar stuff and it sounds better than ever.


Nothing that I can think of.


Great work - many thanks.

One question: Is it not possible now to turn DSP completely off ?

Thanks. Must be my joyous mood with the 1.6 upgrade. Music some days sounds better than others. Thanks. Great work.


DSP was always completely off when all of the filters were disabled, going back to the very beginning.

We killed the global on/off switch primarily because it was causing a psychological illusion that “DSP Off” sounded better for people, when in fact the button did nothing additional if all of the dsp items were already disabled (as they always were by default). Re-structuring + renaming the switches (there is now a bypass all switch on the filters section, which appears only after you’ve enabled something) was done to mitigate this effect.

So basically–the old DSP enable switch gave people something to flip on/off that in many cases did nothing, but people them think they were hearing improvements. And that’s just bad stuff to have in a product + in the conversations around it.


Thumbs up for the live song texts! Love this.

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Many thanks Brian for this detailed answer.


Looks like a a great update, looking forward to the Radio features. While I don’t care much for Qobuz myself it’s good to see Roon adding more services, if anything to keep competitive, glad they came around
to Roons thinking. That said I just signed up again for another free trial to the hires streaming so now I can direclty compare the two services on the same system using the same technology to see if there really is any differences sq that people say there is.

Well done team.


It depends on the feedback. Some of it takes effect pretty quickly (e.g. “i don’t like this track”). Other feed back types are fed into learning models that update much more slowly. It’s best not to try to have too strong a mental model here–everything is subject to change over time, and will evolve silently as time goes on.

It is being addressed continuously. We updated now playing, queue, footer, and DSP screens in this release. Last year, we updated onboarding and zone controls and the playback controls, and so on. Eventually the whole app will have rolled over to the new design.

@brian @mike This is a very nice release! So many changes and improvements that I probably haven’t seen all yet…
I’ve spotted one strange thing though. In DSP->PEQ I use a narrow dip with a Q of 12. In 1.6 I can only set the Q to 10. If I manually set it higher it resets to 10 on save. Luckily I have my setting saved as a preset and loading this works, but results in an ‘overflow’ for the bar.

Why 12? Just curious…that’s a pretty extreme Q. We could open up the range, but it works against making the dynamic range of the sliders nice.

(Also @vova, lets get this screenshot into a ticket so we remember to deal with it)

Loving the ‘Now Playing’ page and the ability - when Radio has found something that I like - to add the Tidal album to library with just one click.

Some suggestions for the future to make the Radio function even better …

(a) Options (each of which can be yes/no) to specify whether to search (i) my collection (ii) tidal not in my collection (iii) tracks that I have not played before

(b) Vary level of matching (tight … random)


No – I was talking about 1.3 remote with 1.5 core. Ancient stuff.

The discussion about options–both internally, and with alpha testers, was intense, prolonged, and too much to repeat in this thread. These aren’t new ideas. I like the idea of a knob for tightness…but it’s very difficult to do well. It takes so long (minutes/hours) to feel the effect of the knob that it feels like it’s doing nothing and provides no satisfaction.

We do have a “limit to library” switch (in the “…” menu on the queue screen), but this bypasses a lot of the smarts. Doing a machine learning based radio limited to library is an extraordinarily constrained engineering problem. The good experience comes from letting the algorithm roam free, not clamping down with limitations that hurt the performance.


Thanks for the great update. Well done!

What I don’t like is this:

The waveform of the remaining time is nearly unvisible now for me in dark mode. The lower bar in grey looks like a foreign body and doesn’t fit to the GUI in my opinion.

I am a bit disappointed about the lack of improving the presentation of classical music too. Unfortunately there are nothing new about box set handling.


Thanks for pointing out the switch in the queue menu section - hadn’t spotted that.

Appreciate the pojnt about engineering difficulty constraining radio. Option to exclude tracks I have played before would be good though - maybe that could be part of the ‘thumbs up/down’ - there’s plenty of space there.

this is a great step forward. tidal and qobuz will have to learn to live together bc i’m not giving up either one. new “radio” is also nice. similar to discovery. goodbye deezer, spotify and apple music.

Whilst we are up the subject of the currently playing waveform - can you please update the graphics so that the ‘current position red line’ moves smoothly across the waveform and doesn’t jump across in 2-3s gaps. It really doesn’t look good as it is now.

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