Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

What type of audio device are you using?


That doesn’t make sense–you are having some kind of performance problem somewhere. It should be 1s increments. Make a thread in #support, maybe they can figure out what is going on.

Minor issue when installing 1.6 upgrade on Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

After upgrade finished clicking on Roon icon just resulted in blank screen (all icons disappeared). Rebooting didn’t make a difference. I discovered solution by accident … thought downloading and reinstalling might solve it - loaded intertnet explorer, went to Roon download page but the Windows dialog box that comes up was mostly hidden by taskbar.

So, switched out of tablet mode and … Roon appeared … switched back to tablet mode and all is fine so no need to download and reinstall.

Thought I’d mention it in case anyone else has a similar problem.

I’ve used up to 14 on this but now settled on 12. I normally use -4 dB here. -2 is what I’d saved in the preset - a rather nasty room mode that Audiolense doesen’t completely deal with. I know 12 is quite extreme, but that is what I’ve decided on after long time use.

It seems to have calmed down a bit now and is constant at 1s increments. I still think this looks a bit clunky as it jumps through a few bars of the waveform at each jump and on my 13" screen each jump is about 3mm in size. Can it not move constantly and smoothly as I think it would look considerably better?

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Looks like there’s a minor bug in DSP - option to ‘Bypass All Filters’ …

With just ‘Speaker Setup’ enabled then option to bypass all filters doesn’t work. If any other filters are added then option to bypass does work. If speaker setup is removed and one or more other filters present then bypass works.

@vova please look ^^^

This switch will only work if you have enabled filters, I suppose before adding new filter rest were disabled.

Thank you very mutch for Qubuz. I love it
Great work from Roon.
Greats from switzerland

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Feature request would be the place to post improvements ideas. Always good to give scenarios and reasoning as to why it is needed.

Well done chaps! Excellent release. I am now using Qobuz (I’ve cancelled Tidal) and coupled with a much improved Roon search this is a sterling experience

Tried these combinations with speaker setup and parametric EQ in list of filters.

If both disabled then bypass all filters doesn’t work (which seems reasonable if a little counter-intuitive).
If both enabled then bypass does work.
If parametric enabled and speaker setup disabled then bypass still works.
If parametric disabled and speaker setup enabled then bypass doesn’t work.

Great to see Qobuz integration, thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to ditching Tidal as I don’t want to support MQA in the marketplace if at all possible.


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Oh, the footer is terrible. The progress bar is right along the bottom of the screen and when you handle the tablet you slide the current play position to somewhere you didn’t intend. The Previous, Play and Next buttons have always been somewhat precariously close to the your thumb but this new design is so much worse.


finally Qobuz is there: great job guys!!! :champagne:


  • all my Qobuz favourites have been added to my library (and marked as new so my “by date added” sorting is a mess)
  • local versions of albums purchased from Qobuz are marked as “on Qobuz” (guess so as among versions Qobuz’ also shows with “Add to Library” beside)

Yes, this looks like a bug to me. I’m seeing the same - an album purchased and downloaded from Qobuz is still marked with the Qobuz icon, and has “Add to library” on the album page, despite the fact that it is in the library. Also, the Versions page shows two library versions, when it should only be one - the album that has been purchased from Qobuz…

Edit: wait a moment, wait a moment… I think it depends on how you navigate to the album. If you start from the “Your Qobuz Purchases” page, you will end up as shown above. However, if you start from within your library, you get the local copy…

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also… some albums are duplicated (showing two separate instances) as (… I guess this is why) Qobuz’ titles are, often, translated to french :no_mouth:

or just because of a title mismatch

hhhhmmmm… I noticed it while browsing my library (sorted by date added)