Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

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This was my point exactly a few days ago.

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Looks like the evidence disappeared. LOL

Selecting the links now say…Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

We have some fixes coming for this too based on feedback. Thanks for letting us know @olchon (and @eclectic).

Roon can solve it by going back to the “now playing” applied in prior versions.

For some strange reason the changed gui was implemented…

I deleted some idle speculation :stuck_out_tongue: so it’s easy for people to find answers on this stuff (same reason a moderator split it out of this thread) but the meat of the post is still up, and we’re going to look into this.

I don’t see that.

On any page, including the Now Playing page and the Queue page (or a browser or an artist or another album or a search result), touch an album cover to go to the album.

On any page, touch the Queue button to go to the queue, on the Queue page touch the Queue button to toggle back to where you were.

On any page (including the Queue page), touch the Now Playing footer bar to expand it to the full Now Playing page, and on the Now Playing page touch the down arrow near the bottom to shrink the Now Playing page back to a Now Playing footer and take you back to whatever page you were on.


Thanks for the update and all the hard work. For me, the Roon metadata update (v1.3 I think) was what I wanted. After that, the subsequent updates have been minor, at best, and have not really changed the way I use Roon. That’s OK.

I trialled Tidal but never got into it. I have purchased a number of downloads from Qobuz but have no interest in streaming from them. I guess I am an old-fashioned collector rather than a streamer. Anyways, the addition of Qobuz is a good thing. Roon would be left behind if it does not cater to those who like streaming. I don’t even notice that the Qobuz and Tidal options are there, so the developers have done a good job of hiding it for those who don’t want it.

I am not a great user of the “now playing” screen. I normally just hit “play” and listen. Curiosity got the better of me after all the waling and teeth-gnashing, so I had a look at it. I tend to agree with the comments - not the best UI. I understand that improvements are in the pipeline. Queue screen looks fine to me. It’s doing what I need it to do, and the access from the grey bar at the bottom of the album screen is intuitive for me.

Roon radio looks good. I think it is something I will use. I like the idea that it will gather information from others as well as myself to decide what to play. I can see myself making more use of the improved version, compared to what was available previously.

Thanks again. :+1:

What page are you on for this complaint?
In general, the Now Playing and Queue pages are the only pages that update as you play. All other pages, including a Playlist, stay as they are because they don’t necessarily show what you are playing, you may be perusing it to decide what to play next, or what to delete, or what to share, or look up in Wikipedia.

What’s the point of the thumbs up/down for Roon Radio? Why not just show the entire queue and let us rate each one instead of going one by one? The way it is now, I have to keep looking at my tablet after every song so I can rate the next song. It would be much more convenient if I could rate songs all at once. Also why not let us rate songs after they are already played?


Radio isn’t working at all for me and the changes to the footer look way out of place. The color scheme just doesn’t match with the rest of the UI and the text and buttons look like they are scaled wrong. Everything looks like it was spaced up a little to which looks odd. It looks like it was suppose to be a smooth transition into cover/info view but it just feels out of place in everything else.

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Please make the album art, title, and artist larger in the now playing footer. Perhaps move these items to the far left and use the entire verrical space. Move the playback controls to the center and make the waveform not so wide

From the Software Release Notes:

After skipping a radio pick or pressing “thumbs down”, Roon Radio will ask users for additional feedback, which will help us tune the algorithm over time, as we learn which picks tend to be rejected, and which tracks aren’t appropriate because they’re skits, audience applause, intros, etc.

If you click the Thumbs Up, it will add it to the queue. You can build up the queue ahead of time and let it play with no further involvement, if you want.

You don’t have to click the Thumbs up/down, if you’re ok with the selections.

Cheers, Greg

Ummmmm how can I give it a thumbs up before I listen?

Other than that, everything seems good.

I did notice that if I have two Roon remotes showing the queue/etc and I select a thumbs up/down on one the symbols remain on the other interface. So I guess I can select a thumbs up on my tablet and a thumbs down on my phone.

Is this by design or should the choice go away on all interfaces once a selection is made?

You can give a thumbs up if you know the song (prior to play) whereupon another one will be added.

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From what I understand, you can click the Thumbs Up, to add the track(s) to the queue, and you will still have the ability to Thumbs Down the track while the track is playing.

This works whether you stay on the same remote or switch to another. So yes, you can Thumbs Up on one remote and Thumbs Down on another.

Cheers, Greg

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Ohh, that giant grey ledge, who invented that? Hardly any information in the grey wall…

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Using parametric eq on ipad is a pain. the gain freq and q sliders are taking up so much space and cant see the grağh while using the sliders