Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

You need to be subscribed to one of the streaming services to take advantage of the new features. Otherwise it’s the same Radio that’s been in previous releases.

The problem with ‘modern design’ is that is becoming old fashioned in a ten times higher rate then functional timeless design. Besides most modern design is not about usabilty. I allways wondered if there are actually people that read architecture magazines. Never saw anyone doing it, I do see many people turning pages and praising who it looks. Offcoarse I want things to look good but there is a borderline for me when usabilty gets compromised.

Anyone remember this one? Must have been sold by millions because I saw them everywhere back in the day. Ever tried to use it on a daily basis? I guess no one did, it’s an ergonomic nightmare and it just stood there being pretty.

Another example of what once was the summum of modern design. Ever tried sitting in one for more then ten minutes. No one did, it was a piece of art resembling a chair only usefull to put unwanted guests on that you like to see leaving again as soon as possible.

(No this is not criticism on the current Roon UI, just an example of how design can get in the way of functionality)3

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Hello - There are many things I like in the new version. However:

Favorites - the Heart/Like button is still very buggy but now so hidden you can’t find it.
Why was it removed from the status bar?

This should be avail everywhere and should visually work (not if you hit the heart it updates the database but you won’t know it by looking at it)

Radio - would be nice if the thumbs Up/Down was also available while the song is playing. I may not know the answer until I hear it (if not familiar with the song)

Thank you

It is, but it’s not on the queue page. You have to get to the “Now Playing” page that is causing all the controversy. Wasn’t obvious to me, and many others I suspect. You can get there by clicking the little thumbnail in the footer. Probably other ways of getting there as well.

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Waiting for changes to sink in before commenting further, but just wanted to attach what I feel would represent “three degrees of happiness” after reading a lot of feedback in this thread.

Thanks for all the hard work, as usual!

So… Mixed feelings about the 1.6 update, Man its slow first of all, I keep resetting my network and Qnap NAS thinking its that but after reading some other comments I realise that it must be the software Searching for albums now is very slow and I am getting TIDAL errors and artwork for TIDAL will not load.
The radio feature seems very good and its nice to have song lyrics in large type, but the old option of large album art has been removed and MUST be reinstated. We don’t need bio, artist pic or album review in that section of the screen. Just lyrics, or full size hi res album art. Perhaps a new option to customise what is in that section will please everyone. But ROON I am a lifetime subscriber, please speed up the software and get on with what we all want, THE ABILITY TO USE ROON OUTSIDE OF THE NETWORK AND SYNC ALBUMS AS CAN BE DONE WITH PLEX, which I currently have to use.

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What has that got to do with it?

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What’s going on here? I’m playing this album:

I clicked on the artwork to see a bigger version and I get this:

When I go to playing now, I get this:

Communications interruption. See other threads here.

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Thanks. I’ve found the other thread.

Same problem here. Refreshing endlessly - no images. The Search engine is struggling and if I look for Maurice Ravel I get George Gershwin!

But Roon is adding two features I have long been waiting for: internet radio (unlike others I like to play the odd Linn Classical or Linn Jazz) as well as Qobuz, which finally allows me to ditch my Tidal subscription. I hope other streaming services will follow.

At the moment it’s slow, glitchy and unreliable. But I am sure things will improve. So all in all pleased with this development, even though it feels a bit like beta software at present.

Hi roonies!

in old versions of roon you can see the samplerates in the Settings wich the device is supporting. I had have the Hope that this good feature will come back… but it isn‘t😔

@eclectic or @John_V
Can you post a link to that thread please?I can’t find it…thanks


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Too much change in the presentation and especially much less easy to follow, and also to search for new album, very restrictive and difficult to find.
90% or more do not show album covers


I would like to go back
Before this week i was very happy with Roon, it was the best in the world, but now i could compare with the worst

Try living with it for a week then post your thoughts, there are a lot of changes which take time to get used to.

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Although I do have comments on the upgrade not that much has changed, most certainly not a degradation from “the best in the world” to the “worst in the world” (there are also a lot of positive changes)

It is exactly these kind of exagerations that makes it very hard for the rest of the world to take anything from an audiophile taken seriously. Please describe what exactly it is you don’t like and not only in soundbitrs. That’s good feedback. Soundbites mean nothing in this world and are mostly ignored.


OK, i have a 1200 ++ albums library including 1000 tidal

Try to see new albums or those you did’nt select yet in Tidal from a specific artist that is in your library, for now it’s seem Impossible

I guess this is what happens when you don’t have a Beta program and use only in-house people to test. Group-think, single vision that coincides with the-Boss etc. happens. Many companies don’t have Beta programs, some do…pro’s and con’s to both. But then now, we are all Beta testers of a released product. yay! :sunglasses:

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I was getting some curious behavior when listening to some music and using my iPad for control. Going into the DSP settings, with all parametric filters and indeed everything else disabled (by pass all filters showing red), the music would stop for a second or so if I press one or the filter settings, say to re-order the parametric filters. I find this a little worrying. Why should the music stutter when all DSP settings are disabled?

I am not sure if I like the new GUI for the DSP area either, it seemed far clearer and more intuitive in the last version of Roon. The preset pull-down menu is a nice addition, but overall the DSP GUI seems to be a sideways step rather than an improvement. Time will tell if I get used to it, but I think I would roll back to the old version if I could.

In fact, I would probably roll back to the old version just for the sake of appearance, subjective I know, but I just do not like the light grey playback bar.