No Connection Tidal & Qobuz

Roon can’t make any connection to Qobuz or Tidal since this noon (Belgium).
Roon Radio plays only numbers of my collection.


Tidal is looking strange in the UK just now. Images not showing in Masters and Radio limited to my library. Tracks playing ok though. @support

Same here

Same here (UK) Keeps saying network problem! Can’t play anything!

Fine here in UK for both.

That’s my issue also.

Same issue here, though it’s intermittent and artwork is not displaying

Pictures and library details aren’t loading up properly. intermittent.

Qobuz is back online Tidal is not!

Tidal is also just online whilst I was typing.

Problems here too (USA). Not able to load graphics. Not able to play some online content.

It keeps saying, network errors! Please check your network connection.

Same Here (Switzerland).

Here I can play music from Qobuz & Tidal but it shows no cover-art.

Is Roon Radio working?

Roon radio is not working.

Now it doesn’t even show my own album covers…

Same here.

Same problems here.

Same here in France