Roon 1.7: Font Size is definitely too small!

Compared to former versions the font sizes and graphic elements used in Roon 1.7 are noticeable smaller. This is most effective with Roon Remote for Smartphones (Android). As far as I can see there’s no reason for that because the interface offers more than enough space for bigger fonts. Specially older people, which in my opinion is an important group of your customers, will have problems with this version. The super Roon software should make fun and not beeing nerving during working with it!
I suggest to allow to select different Font sizes or at least the possibility to go back to 1.6.

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That’s what I was asking for in this thread. All I got was crickets. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Can you provide some examples/screenshots? I just came back to Roon after some time and been using it primarily in my android phone.

You see the very small fonts and symbols, although there ist enough space availiable.
It could be enough to allow switching between two sets of fonts in different sizes.

I think another option would be for us to be able to switch to bold style of font too. I think that would make things easier to read.

Or allow the font to change dynamically with the OS settings on the phone, aka let me set the size I want for my eyes.

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