Roon 1.8.1105 vs. 1.8.1126

I have reason to keep running 1.8 for some time. At this point I have not updated anything and my current system configuration consists of:

Roon Nucleus+ running 1.8.1105 core
Android running 1.8.1105 remote (used almost exclusively for playback control)
Windows 7 running 1.8.1105 remote (used almost exclusively for library management)

Is there some advantage to me in upgrading to 1.8.1126 or can I equally well just stay at 1.8.1105 until I’m ready to move to Roon version 2?

Not if you are going to plan to move to 2.0 in the next 6 weeks no, that I believe is the time frame allowed to move from 1.8 to 1.8 legacy.
And right now it just means you will get the update pop-up all the time if you stay on 1.8

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There some confusion here and we’re sorry for that.

If your intention is to stay on Roon 1.8 then you need to move to 1.8 Legacy (1126). This is the supported version and will continue to receive updates for critical issues.

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Is it still the case that critical updates for 1.8 Legacy will only be rolled our until the end of the year?

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Thank you @AMP.

I will be on 1.8 indefinitely. I’m married to that Win7 remote I use for library management and, as you might guess, always reluctant to reconfigure working software.

I had suspected I would need to move from .1105 to .1126, but it helps to have it made explicit.