Roon 1.8 756 praise thread

I feel very much that the Roon 1.8 (748/756) Feedback thread is not really sufficient to thank the Roon team to fix the issues foreign users with non US settings in iOS (and maybe also on Win10) were suffering after the launch of Roon 1.8. Really happy they fixed the issues accessing setup and other pages within that short time. The forum at times collapsed from frustrated and angry users. Now I hope there is a period starting all can test deeply what the impacting changes bring to UX and further exploration of what the new age of streaming adds to discovery of new jewels for our libraries.


It was a stumble for Roon not to have proper localized code at launch. Would have eliminated frustrations for bunches of users. Hopefully your right on what can become the focus for those users now…

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This can happen when you develop software with major changes, but I believe Roon could avoid this specific bug if they had more international beta tester. I hope they consider a broader beta user participation.

I believe strongly this will happen when Roon grows out of their local governance. From posts here I understood that they operate global with a distributed team, but I think governance is still very local, startup like, missing ‘world information’ sensing is not their strength outside of this forum that represents ‘old geeks’.

Sorry, wrong thread for my previous post. It is here to praise Roon! I really like how Roon reads through all threads here and in internal teams analyzes what people criticize and suggest. Then they come with a new update that includes many of the ‘innovation’ the user base formulates and surprise others, which need maybe some weeks to see what the value is. In the end it is a great way to blow new life into a hobby that is dying out, the one of music lovers and audiophiles. Roon! Keep on doing it!

Agreed, I like 1.8 very much and for me it is a great release, but some of the problem we experienced were avoidable.

Nevertheless, 1.8 is a great release. I like the magazine style, because I like to read all these I interesting bio and jump around in the focus connection