Roon 1.8 763 stable BIG SUCCESS

Well done Roon Labs developers

Audio zones are all back again. That was a real showstopper in 1.8 758 release.
I anticipate that over time 1.8 will be as stable as 1.7 was and with the new look UIX will further push Roon to the next level.

Very impressed that developers stood their ground and did not buckle with all the user community heat and attention and demonstrate a great 2nd 1.8 release with 763.

Keep up the good work.


Get a roon. Bit early to judge whether it is indeed stable let alone a big success.

I don’t see no success in getting back all audio Zones. My WLAN Speaker looses every seconds the connection, now its not found anymore. Restarting Roon-Core does not help.
Wlan Speaker is found and playable by any device in my home (iPad, android ect.)

Sorry to hear that you are having such basic issues, that’s clearly not fixed for you.

The point of this post was to allow the community opportunity to give latest update feedback?

I presume you have updated all Roon Cores and restarted all Roon services on Core and vitally important updated all Roon devices such as remotes either on iOS or android.

Probably a good idea to restart all Roon ready hardware devices.

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iOS 1.8 763 update is available.

That was just the title of the last post in that thread. I posted the link as there’s already a thread to discuss feedback for the latest update.