ROON 1.8 and intel new integrated graphics

Can anyone give me a good idea whether intel’s new integrated graphics the intel iris xe will be fine for roon 1.8? I would be using the new integrated graphics in a intel mini pc running the new 11th gen. i7 mobile processor as a roon core. I’m really not sure whether an older generation intel dedicated graphics set up would be better.

Why do you believe it wouldnt work?

Hello there,

So it is a question of the brand new iris xe integrated GPU Vs an older 8th to 10th gen. Intel processor with a mid range dedicated discrete GPU. Not sure here. They say the iris xe is a big leap forwards however. The set up will be a mini pc with one 4k screen for roon core and general light work. I’m ready to go on this just waiting for some opinions here.

I’m new to Roon but not new to client-server computing. The computer running the Roon core is doing the video stream handling, managing the algorithms built into the core, interacting with your listening and whatever thumbs up/down you do. It stores album art and other visuals, probably as JPEG and PNG files. The graphics capability of the server should have zero bearing on what you see on your display as far as the Roon Core operations go.

A good example is that I just set up Roon ROCK on a NUC that doesn’t even have a monitor connected to it. I was attracted to this concept because I didn’t want the Roon Core running on a computer that I used for other things, plus I didn’t want that computer to be on all the time. I’m very happy with the piddly little NUC with the 3i processor, 8 GB of memory running the server software. I didn’t twice about its GPU since it will never be used.

The graphics functionality comes into play on via the computer you’re using for the remote. Of course if you’re running the Core on the same computer as the remote it may seem like the video capability of the computer has something to do with the Core and vice versa but I suspect it doesn’t.


Thanks for the reply. Surely however the pc’s gpu capability with roon on a 4k screen is of great importance. Roon recommend discrete graphics but also state Intel integrated runs fine too although that was written a while back.

I have a four year old high end Nuc (Skull Candy) with Intel integrated graphics and Roon and 4K video are supported very well.

I understand you want to be thorough and ensure your setup is appropriate but rest assured that modern intel chips support 4K video - just Google it and check out intel’s marketing documentation.

Great stuff. Do you think however that you would notice any difference in roon interface by going from integrated to mid range dedicated gpu in both cases with a 4k screen and same power processor. In my case 11th gen. mobile i7?

Absolutely not. Dedicated graphics cards are only needed for gaming, serious video editing, and some multi-monitor scenarios.

Thanks for confirming that it’s put things into perspective.

Shouldn’t be an issue for you, but the requirement for OpenGL 3.0 support has caught people out in the past, mostly when trying to run the UI on older kit. Graphics capability can be important.

Having your Local PC compatible with HDR and 4K is useful but even my NUC8i7BEH does that.

My old Celeron N3150 based PC was hopeless as it wouldnt do HDR (High dynamic Range). I think that I notice HDR more than I notice 4K on my new TV.

Other than that doesnt matter as your core does all the hard work :slight_smile:

Regards Andrew