Roon 1.8 Android on Chromebook misses the "hamburger" menu

The 1.8 version of the Android App runs fine on my Chromebook, but somehow the top left “hamburger” option is missing. I do see it on my Android phone.
I love the new design and search options!

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I have this problem too. It’s fine on a Huawei Android tablet but not present on my Chromebook. Thus I can play what is in history but no access to e.g. Qobuz to find and play new music. Looking forward to a fix.

I can see it in Portrait mode, but not in Landscape. Wonder if it is just a bug or some strange thoughts behind it? Bit annoying change direction time from time.

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Good shout. Same for me, it’s there in Portrait, but not when on my knee / in Landscape.

Soooo, 12 days and any updates? I could go for a burger and fries.

Same here guys. Running latest 1.8 v756 and no hamburger menu on my Samsung Chromebook.