Roon 1.8 arrives on February 9th

I’m sure it will be great and I will like it. On the other hand, the current version of Roon is perfect IMHO. Companies have to continually “improve” their product to remain competitive and attract new customers.

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Its anything but perfect, so 1.8 can only get better.


Quoting CEO/Founder Enno Vandermeer (from the video):

Helps cut through the no-name releases, so you can find well regarded performances of any composition

I just wanted to share this again. Possibilities of automagic things like this makes me so happy. For me this is worth a lot more money than Roon could ever afford to charge. Simply gold! :trophy:


Correction to self (and for anyone wondering) - what I saw were John Darko’s photos in which a black bar at the bottom seems to offset the scrubbing bar’s vertical position but upon zoom in I now noticed that that is a Windows taskbar. So… inadvertently switching to another app while scrubbing will still be an issue, I guess…

Looking forward to the upgrade. The most compelling new feature for me so far is the ability to use Focus across Tidal and Qobuz content (outside my library)!


Here is something I posted last December. I’m glad that the Roon guys thought it was a decent idea! On the other hand, I suspect they had this notion long before my post…

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Lucky you! I have 10.5” iPad Pro, and I get only 3 or 4 possibilities per page for the Bach Matthew Passion, including these alleged “most popular” performances lasting miraculously but a few minutes. Only 1454 to scroll through … guess what I will check first when 1.8 appears!

Thats not the screen I am talking about. I m talking Album view:

Buenos dias y buena suerte. Unas ganas inmensas de poder disfrutarlo. Roon es lo mejor de lo mejor, es decir, el mejor.


Best course of action IMHO, is not to upgrade right away - give it several days, a week…and keep up with the feedback posts to see if there are any glaring bugs and or specifics that may effect your use case.

Its a major release and there are bound to be some hiccups, so proceed accordingly. As always perform a backup.

I support this request, would be handy to have a sort of “Google Translate” option for bios and reviews.

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I know … I can’t understand why the Album view is constrained like that. It is not beyond the known bounds of computer science to let people choose themselves the size of album art they want on that screen. Why, there is even pinch to zoom for such things, that grown ups are allowed to use most other places.

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Yes, it would be nice if there was some kind of possibility to change that or zoom.
Hopefully this is included in 1.8.

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15 inch laptop view (touch screen):

I sincerely hope they do NOT drop the lifetime subscription when releasing it; because this is exactly what I intend to buy once I am able to successfully test Roon with my Technics (STILL undergoing repair in the service center).

I don’t know…maybe a novel concept…but how about everyone just waits for the update before all the whinging and whining? Just a thought.


From a dev point of view, is there any benefit from performing a clean install (e.g. uninstalling the core/server software as well as the controller software currently running), reinstalling it fresh and then performing a DB restore?

I’ve never had to perform a restore and besides the numerous updates on the server OS, my server/core has been as is from day one.

It used to be a best practice (in general terms) to uninstall the apps in question, perform some clean up, reboot and reinstall everything, especially on major releases. This still applies today, but wondering if this is applicable to ROON or if that because ROON runs a lot of cloud/back end stuff it isn’t necessary?

Performing updates to software has always been a bit of a quandary especially with major revs. Upgrading point releases is fine, but when major revs come into play, sometimes a clean update is better due to many of the dependencies. This may apply more to a Win environment as well. Just curious

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And the album view on my 32" monitor screen:

I see a max of 10 albums from left to right - you have 15. Is there setting I haven’t found that you can tell me about that will give me 15 too?

Settings>General>Allow for more covers and photos…

Then go Full screen.

The max you will then see is dependent upon your resolution.

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