Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

What’s more - I have to restart Roon, and then it starts on “Cam Deas” site with loading icon and freezes again. So I have to be quick and click Home screen in one second and only then Roon works as usual. :slight_smile:

And to clarify - showing search records for “Cam Deas” works well. This “freezing” only happens when I enter artist’s page.

Same here, after auto-update to 764, Roon fails to start on Windows 8.1, even after rebooting the system. Feels like a major BUG.

so it might be an issue on Windows (… I guess)
my Roon core is a NUC running ROCK

Windows 8.1?? I don’t want to sound pedantic, but maybe time to update to 10??? :crazy_face:


I totally agree.

A dramatic improvement in function

…interesting thing here

Very good idea!

Nice mention of artist.


Can you be more specific? Trying to find this feature with no luck.

Settings > General >

I am using Roon Remote1.8.00764 on my IPhone 12 running the latest version of iOS.

Simple question. It crashes after I had had the app open for about 15 seconds. It appears to be fully functional until it crashes,

Has anyone else reported this??

Not me, mine works well. Cheers, :grinning:

Try doing a hard restart on your iPhone. That has worked for others.

Many thanks. That seems to have fixed it!!

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Thanks - will give that a try

Tonight, IOS crashes is all I get - something new. Have done all the usual things, restart Roon, hard re-start iPad, logout, login - works for a few moments, then crashes again. NEVER had this issue under 1.7 - FWIW, 1.8 is rapidly becoming the most expensive barely functioning software I have. Played with the Focus feature tonight - the early reports of this having limited capability is borne out. Tried focusing on a particular decade, two or three genres, and got a single (ie. only 1) result. Of course, that took six efforts because it crashed between each focus selection. Still can’t get ‘new releases for me’ on my MacOS desktop - it’s been a bad day for Roon functionality.


Why didn’t people update when it was free, I have 4 win 10 licenses, never paid a penny , one was from Win 7 originally :face_with_monocle:

I’m getting crashes on Android apps (Android 10 & 11, Sony Xperia 5 II, Xiaomi Mi A1). When the phone is sleeping, as soon as I wake it, the Roon app crashes. Also, crashes randomly when sleeping. Battery optimization is disabled but the app still crashing. I’ve search it and seems to be a long and well known issue, still present in latest release.

New to Roon, still evaluating the trial period. Learn about Roon just a week ago and it was a revelation. But, these crashes are kind of a deal breaker. Hope will be fixed soon.

(And of course I’m running the core on Synology with DSM 7. Hope for a release here too.)

It still is according to several articles: