Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

Puzzled - sorting by release date works perfectly for me:

There are 3 options for sorting albums under artist - popularity, release date and title - wonder if you have popularity set rather than release date?

In the global settings, I have sort by original release date (I also tried release date). When I view the artist albums, they are scattered by popularity. I then I have to click on the sort button and say sort by release date, and it works. The issue is, the default sort should be based on the global settings and its not. 2nd, I should not have to click the sort button for every artist I bring up. This function has worked without any issues for years, why has 1.8 deviated from how it used to work? Same goes for showing of hidden albums, which still doesn’t work

No there isn’t - it’s pretty much my only remaining beef with 1.8, although I guess I’m used to it now. I don’t have the sidebar permanently visible, so I see six albums per row.

Agree that sorting by release date should be the default - but once I’ve set it that way it remains set when I look at different artists - so needs fixing but maybe usable for now?

Hidden albums is also for me a problem - but my issues were there in 1.7 - counts of albums / artists / tracks are wrong (assuming that if it’s hidden it should not be counted).

This is definitely frustrating while switching between album list and album details view. It seems that in album list, the filter button is active in some sort of way. If you click on this button and then the x button, then you can switch between the two without going to the top of the list again.

Weird! How did you figure out this work around?

I can’t remember. I noticed it the first day of 1.8.

Thanks to the Roon team for this beautiful new UI. As promised, it’s very magazine-like, and easy on the eyes.

Things I like about the 1.8 desktop UI:

  • The constant left-hand menu. This saves many clicks during the day.
  • Generally thoughtful and intuitive design. Buttons seem to in the right place. Placing the “Now Playing” title on the left makes more sense to me.
  • Vertical scrolling. Seems faster/easier. (I usually use a track pad.)
  • Active home/end keys in playlists.
  • The ability to remove an album from Qobuz favorites.
  • I think it sounds a little better, but maybe it’s because it looks better.

Suggestions for 1.8:

  • I miss the ability to see which playlists a track belongs to.
  • It would be nice to be able to remove a track/album from a playlist from the album view.
  • More keyboard shortcuts. Especially to ‘Clear Upcoming’ in the queue.

Thanks again. Nice upgrade!

Typing “cam deas” to search an artist and Roon always freezes.

The new Roon version sure has me coming back to the forums more often.


In Settings >> General >> Browsing Preferences, turn off ‘Always show he sidebar’. I then have 8 across on my PC.


Have you tried this recently? I just did this search. It took a while for it to return a result (maybe 18 seconds), but I got a result for the artists Cam Deas.

Thank you!!!

Settings > General > Show playlists on album page.

took 1 second, here:

many “wrongs” in 1.8 but not this one. at least here

I have just tried. And it freezes when I enter “Cam Deas” profile. I have cleared cache and this is still happening.

where is your Roon core installed/running?

Reminds me of visiting a friend’s apartment after the hot new girl friend arrives

Same here, shows up fast. But what is a bit strange is that under ‘overview’ I can see 2 albums, but under ‘discography’ they do not show up, only appearances (2) and one compilation. This with Qobuz subscription in France.

I am just using PC, so on partition C: :slight_smile: , although my library is on the other ssd.