Roon 1.8 build 764 - removed tag bug

Hi all, not sure if I am the only one experiencing this - my issue:

  1. Album previously tagged using Roon 1.7 - “Location Box 1”
  2. The tagged albums (with this tag) then showed up as a separate tagged group in “My Tags”
  3. I deleted this tag from albums in My Tags section
  4. Group of albums disappears in My Tags as expected
  5. I re-tag each album using the ROONALBUMTAG adding “Location Box 1”
  6. Tag is showing up in Album view, but…
  7. When clicking on the tag in Album view the message reads this tag does no longer exist
  8. Separately, in My Tags there is NO group of albums showing this tag

Anyone else seeing this?


This bug already existed in version 1.7xxx.

Thanks @Rudiger_Birkemeyer

Would it help if I restored to my previous saved Roon library state?

It’s been reported over and over and ignored as often. At Roon, bugs become features unless they affect enough users to warrant a fix.

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The workaround is not to use previously deleted Tag names, as stated it’s been an issue for ages

Ok thanks all for your replies.