Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

Looks better so far.

Full screen…


LOVE the new text size options! Its not much bigger but is better spaced and a little bolder. It looks great when used with the option to show more artists and albums on a page


Are the font size bumps on PC (Mine win10) only or on remotes (iPad7) as well?
Can’t find it.

PC only it seems. If you want to bump font size up on your iPad you need to make everything else on your iPad big via the Apple settings. It kinda sucks. No wait. It does suck. :roll_eyes:

Indicates 764 still on build so hopefully there’s an update showing soon but the font situation on the iPad will definitely not be changing. So it still sucks.


I do not believe the updates for Android and Apple remotes have been released yet.

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Am I missing something, can you not “match all” when sorting by personal tags? I see the option added to some of the other focus options, why not on our personal tags?

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Shortly “playing” with new version, I am very pleased!!! Looks and feels excellent update. Well done Roon!

Maybe a setting I haven’t found, but “shuffle play “ still limited to 5000 tracks. Yes I have rebooted my system. Please fix this. All else looks great so far. Keep up the good work.

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  • Scroll position doesn’t persist between pages

This bug definitely was fixed for Albums section, but still exists in the Recent activity section.

And still no track numbers in the playlists! But why?! Is it so difficult or are they bothering someone so much? Why can I select Dynamic range or Plays and Last played, but cannot select such a simple option as displaying track numbers? This is just ridiculous.

You are right. It doesnt work on my Win 10 PC neither.
It is simply not repaired yet.


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I love the update, especially how the Roon team upgraded the Focus possibilities with and/or options. Thanks! I can now e.g. focus in My Tracks on music that has both a “Dancing” and “Uptempo” personal tag but are not in the “Jazz” genre. The possibilities are limitless. Hallelujah!


Build 778 release notes says that it was fixed:

  • Fixed missing albums on Discography tab in certain cases

But I’m still experiencing this issue. In some cases Discography doesn’t show local albums. Support topic is here.

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Release notes btw:

Still no app in Google store in UK.

The issue was that Shuffle only selected from the first 5k tracks of the active sort.

Since build 763, shuffle has returned a random selection of 5k tracks across the whole of a user’s library.

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