Roon 1.8 (Build 880) Feedback Thread

Agreed, but given the current situ it may be an issue still :wink:

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roon gives me a blank page

and, wait, wait i’m loading

Good point. At some point I’ll have to update. But perhaps waiting may buy some time in case Roon comes up with a solution later?

I’m not sure how I would test 882 using another computer without messing up my current setup (I have a Windows 10 PC set up as a remote. Core is on my Salkstream III streamer).

Agree 100%!

Update to 880 went really smoothly (Linux Mint 20.2 Core) and besides the “uh oh” moment when the Play store didn’t have updates for the Control points - those updated within a couple of minutes - no issues. Even the Pi 4b endpoint running VitOS which isn’t that intuitive managed to update.

System is running really well. Thanks Roon Team.

Since there’s now a “Positive Feedback Thread”, should this become the negative one?


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I think this is the bi thread.


Kevin, how was the corrupted database issue solved in Build 882? If so many were corrupted, they are still corrupted. Did you simply turn off the “on-the-fly” integrity check or some other solution?

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My general approach to updates is to wait a month or two for the bugs to be worked out. When I launched Roon yesterday I was asked if I wanted to perform the update. I politely clicked no.

Today when I launched Roon, it informed me the update was complete and that it needed to update the database. There goes my time honored strategy, right out the window!

The good news is the 2020 M1 works normally with Roon, no issues.

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Which of these choices do you have set? It’s separate for each device.

I’m not familiar with them but got 33 albums, all from Tidal and Qobuz, when I just now did a search.

I don’t know. What build are you on? Build 882 was released today and that’s what I’m running. But, I have never had any issues with Roon, Tidal, or Qobuz in 2 years. I can’t explain it except I only stream with no music files of my own, if that matters.

Never heard of Andrew Bird either, but a search turned up 36 albums.

I tell you that I have never had any issues to tell you that Roon is a great, very robust product and works very well for most of their 250,000 customers. Yes, some have problems, but it is a relatively small percentage. There is always a reason. Build 880 did have some problems which Roon has quickly jumped on with build 882. Many issues have to do with the customer’s network. Since you are new, and I don’t know how new, maybe you have some settings that need to be changed, IDK.

You made this false statement: “the search doesn’t work at all, it seems to be ignoring anything online”

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No, this is not the support forum. It’s a thread for people to give feedback, good or bad, about Build 880. There is a Support category on this forum if you need help from Roon. Post there and a Roon support person will respond.

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The lack of empathy in this so called “community” is astonishing.



I updated to build 882 today on my Mac Mini M1 and am still seeing similar results.

I am able to use the system if I do not let me screen share (remote login) to the server go to sleep. Once I do I loose all audio zones.

Log back in and they are all back.

I did not have this issue previously with the M1 Mac of with the Mac mini that preceded it.

Welcome to the community. Don’t run away, but this is really how the community is. And Jim_F is rather an institution unto himself. :blush:

It’s all good, really, until it isn’t. And then trying to make it right is often very frustrating. Sometimes it is really easy and the community and/or support can help instead of just saying “yes (ten characters)” “works for me. Must be your network.”

Regardless, stick around. The software can be really cool, but it is undoubtedly finicky and might not be worth your money.



Hi Chris welcome to the Roon forum.

I’m a lifer going in the 3 year. This is not a place to get any empathy.

Your exchange with that member is typical here when you are having problems.

Although there are members who don’t behave like that, a large number that participate on this forum do.

Quick to tell you how they have never experienced the current problem you’re facing and the next poster will add how fantastic Roon is.

I’m a member who uses recommended equipment, followed best practices (all hardwired-no wifi), and spent weeks reading and trying to fix my roon problems. And after 2 years, the problems were still there. I expected to have a hassle free experience for my money. Nope.

One of the issues I had was tidal not playing well with roon. On the forum here, the consistent response was that it was not a problem in their home, so it must be me.

Only for this update to include in one of its top bullet points, that they had made roon less network intensive so that tidal and qubuz can work better.

And again I don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush, there has been members who have offered to help me via email, but the majority are just like the member you had an exchange with.

I do like what Roon does. But I prefer my music to play 99.9% of the time,whenever I hit play basically. Then to have a pretty interface and play music 75% of the time without issues.

Perhaps you make 250k per year and roon is not even a drop in the bucket, I don’t know, I know that after my issues with roon and attitude from most in the community, I can’t with a clear conscience recommend roon anymore.


Hi 4367, what platform do you use as your roon core? I have a theory…


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