Roon 1.8 (Build 911) Feedback Thread

Another disappointing update for iPad users… scrolling issue still not fixed. Next step: email the CEO. This can’t go on, seriously… this concern has been raised many many times and our voices are heard but no action since today.


Not everyone is seeing this so assuming its not a global issue it perhaps going to take some digging and assistance with logs from users experiencing the issues.

Clearly from the release notes for B911 they are trying to address it.


Well said!
I have drafted three different replies but discretion caused me to discard each one.


The update has certainly NOT improved track skipping at all. I’ve updated my DNS as directed before the update. With todays update we’ve stepped back to nearly every song skipping. I am about to call my credit card and reverse are ROON charges. Piece of junk. Used to work great, but now just so frustrating.


I’ve sent logs, posted videos, and so on for many months. Besides the choppy scrolling, I’m still getting the 100% volume hijack that was supposedly resolved, and the inconsistent trackpad gestures and other UI problems are still no better. I’m feeling as if this is beyond their ability to fix due to the underlying tech they’re using, hopefully I’m wrong.

Is there an Android update? I am not seeing an update in the Play Store.

Everything seems as before to me. iOS scrolling was fine, it’s still fine. Wasn’t getting track skipping, still not. Wish I could be more helpful.


Nope, still waiting here in East Coast USA.

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iOS scrolling is fine on my iPhone, in fact it has improved, definitely smoother scrolling. What I am referring to is iPad OS. Many of us have an iPad and use Apple Magic Keyboard. The « small » issue for the iPad user community is able to just scroll up and down the interface with just 2 fingers gesture, something we do everyday when scrolling through Safari, Apple Music and so on.
This small issue seems to me to be a bigger issue or just something on the most of their lowest priorities but now come on, most users scrolling through an iPad or a MacBook are used to scroll up and down in this manner.
I think I am going to stop ranting about this matter, mine and other voices have been heard but still no fix. Very disappointed with the team’s vision.


Best iPhone 12 update to date - scrolling has never been better. No complaints on the Mac, Windows or iPhone. Excellent work Roon Engineers.


I thought scrolling on ios was fixed,ive complained about scrolling on my ipad pro/iphone 13 max and Samsung tablets till I’m blue in the face,I got fed up asking and waiting since 2019 so I cancelled my subscription and I recommend people do the same if there not happy,theve had 2y to fix this and I now belive there not going to,they should be embarrassed

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I believe post #1 by @wizardofoz sums it up pretty fairly IMHO.


No issues with update (Build 911) on NUC/Rock, or remotes (Windows 10 laptop and IPAD 12.9).

IPAD scrolling seems to be a little smother but I’ve never considered the previous versions to be a problem.


Still no update for Android…

Well how to say one thing is scrolling the other thing that keyboard shortcuts are not working as well. That’s just sad….

After updating NUC/ROCK to 911, my android phone (still on 903), is having issue playing Tidal. It simply just stop playing. I’m using Cocktail Audio X50D as roon endpoint, and the next song album is displayed on the streamer’s display but music stop playing.

Update: After rebooting X50D, music playing again.

So, I’m curious, is the two finger scrolling necessary because of the attached keyboard?
I ask because I have only used 1 finger for scrolling on the 5 ipads I have owned (but no attached keyboards, ever)?


When you attach your iPad with the Apple Magic Keyboard and use the pad you’ve to first press, hold and move either up or down.

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There is a trackpad in the keyboard and the two finger scrolling is a standard gesture …

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OK, thanks for the “heads up” :+1:t3: