Roon 1.8: Importance of quality/stability

I love(d) Roon and have demonstrated its value to more than a few friends. I am lucky enough to own a super high end system and consider(ed) Roon to be one of its best performing components.

But today I am disappointed.

It does clearly feel like this upgrade was not tested enough and that Roon has decided to join the ranks of the companies thinking that their paying customers can act as the facto beta testers.

The #1 reason I decided to settle on Roon instead of Audirvana is the combination of perfect stability and ease of music navigation. Both combined. I wouldn’t have considered Roon without the stability part.

I am not questioning the validity of the changes being made but…

  • having many users unable to access their files is a big no go
  • application crashes in common scenarios is a big no go
  • calling this 1.8 instead of 2.0 may be the worst part as it conveys the impression of a relatively minor and therefore safe upgrade
  • the poor information density of the new UI is disliked by a majority of users it seems, testing should have revealed this
  • there are many functional regressions

Quickly addressing these issues is of course importance but above all is the decision making process that led 1.8 to this situation.



1.8 as it was released is not release worthy at all, just beta. there’s A LOT of regressions for which i’m constantly in miss for quality and stability of 1.7

I am on an enforced break from Roon due to this update refusing to start. I am paying a fee for this frustration and that is unacceptable.

are you working with @support to rectify it?

working with them would suggest that they have deigned to respond to the support request I opened and tagged them in. They have not. I’ve just downloaded Qobuz and am playing it directly.

Except @support don’t appear to be ready at all.