Roon 1.8 legacy is solid.- good job Roon

There was a problem with my system that did not let me load 1.8 legacy but support tweaked something and I was able to install it. So far it is solid and problem free. Very happy with 1.8 legacy. If in the next few months Roon reconsiders its decision regarding off-site access I can still switch and the bugs will have been worked out. If not I am happy with this release. Good job on legacy roon.


“so far solid and problem free” after a few minutes is not an indication of a job well done.

Soak test and wait.

It has been running flawless all day. I would not post “after a few minutes”. Get real.

Well thats great but in December they abandon it all together so enjoy it for now I guess.

Hopefully by then they will reconsider the awful decision they have made. Alternatively the leave 1.18 even if they stop updating it. And if not to both I’m sure someone will take advantage to expand their niche in the market at the expense of Roon’s choices. Lets hope for the best.

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Happy with 1.8 as well, although I had some teething issues with the Synology NAS unit I have in which 1.8 wouldn’t read the local files. Turns out by having BOTH cores on the NAS, it works fine. Obviously, you switch off the Roon 2.0 core before turning on the Roon 1.8 Legacy core.