Roon 1.8 library album missing

After 1.8 update, local library version is not accessable when tidal version is added to library.

To test I logged out from tidal service.

I have Jasons Mahler album in my library like below…

This is file location…

After login to tidal again … same album is searched with tidal/libray badges

But when I clicked in to it there is no version tab displayed. I have no way to locate my local library version…


I also have this issue, roon hides the local versions when I add a version of the same album from Tidal.

Roon also shows the Tidal symbol and selects the Tidal version of albums in some cases even though I have a local version, and haven’t added the the tidal version of the album to the library. I tried adding the tidal version of one of these albums, then Roon stopped even showing the local version of the album.

Both these issues are extremely annoying, and should be fixed ASAP.


there are a few bug reports on this. Hopefully it will get some attention soon :no_mouth: