Roon 1.8: Music Player GUI makes me mad .. so how to change it

The longer I work with the new version 1.8, the more I get upset.

The music player part of the GUI is what makes me really mad.

I don’t want to click and search for every function. I want to listen to music and when I hear a song I might want to like it or add quickly to a play list (searching in menus for those kind of activity brings you out of enjoying music… right!). Also, when I like a song, I might want to repeat it for some times so a button to do so should be on the screen. Furthermore, I want to see the track list. I want to like the tracks or add some “on block” to a ![Roon Musik Player proposal|690x378] play list. Therefore, the track list should be always shown on the screen when using the “music player” part of Roon.

I made a copy/past proposal how the player GUI could look like:

@Community: would you like to add your proposals to come back to the essence of enjoying music!!

Sorry, but I wouldn’t like the queue list to occupy the screen when browsing the aplication content / library (especially since the queue list is always a click away).

Sorry your mad, try clicking on the album icon on the bottom left of the playbar, then click again on the album art, that puts you in a display where you can do more than just listen, I like this view because sometimes I like to skip around, replay from a different song, Heart songs, add them to Playlists, etc

GUI makes me mad … so how to change it

The proposed modifications would not be beneficial for me.
Maybe you would consider writing your own program?

@DanielAvasilichioaei Hi Daniel, thanks for pointing this out. Actually, the screen I made is the second option (top line / second icon). Clicking again in the album art brings the focus back to “music discover view”. My proposal is to enhance the “music player view/current album” in that structure. I do not ask for changing any other views. Also, the track list should only be the list of tracks for the current album. I do not use the Roon queue view so don’t have any opinion on whether or not it’s OK etc. BTW: From my point of view there are two capabilities to enjoy Roon: one is to discover music and the other is to listen to an album. Mix of that is not the best option… just my 2 cents and I respect the opinion of others…

@Lonek Hello Lonek…there is no reason to be so “aggressive”…I respect you opinion and so you should do the same to others

That’s exactly how I use Roon. I only listen to albums, with very rare exceptions. I think the difference is that I queue a few albums, start playing, and then I don’t look at the screen (I even close the remote application).

Okay, only now have I better understood your proposal…

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