Roon 1.8 not using available hardware?

Before I upgraded to 1.8 everything in my home was working perfectly. I loved it. Now nothing is available; multiple DACs powered one but only one is seen and it’s not available to use.

The ADI-2 was working for a few hours and then blipped out mid song and hasn’t worked after multiple reboots of bridge & core.

i just swapped the bridges and the ADI-2 works np.

Ok, so it seems the raspberry pi bridge is ceasing to function if there’s more than 1 DAC plugged into it. I usually run 2-4 out of the roonpi4 bridge.

There are already other threats pointing to this problem. It seems that the 1.8 Roon Core looses Audio Zones from Time to time. After restarting the core they show up again. I had this situation two times so far.
Hopefully they find the root cause soon