Roon 1.8 "Playback view": please bring back

… all albums I already have in my library by that same artist/artists. please!
was an invaluable part of my Roon experience (pretty unique among players) and I deeply miss it

now I have to click on artist’s name (rinse and repeat for each one. previously all albums from all involved artists where already there), then click Discography, then look for a tiny symbol on album covers :roll_eyes:


:cry: :cry: :cry:

In Album view, sort by artist. Zoom to artist and there they all are in the sort order you chose.

I must not be understanding properly. On each artist page once opened is “albums in my library”, a little way down the page, no need to go to discography?


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ooops… sorry: I was (obviously) meaning in “Playback view”, not in “my Albums”

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Enable the “library” icon in settings. When you scroll down below what’s playing, there they are. Roon has changed how some things work in 1.8.

… can’t see, in here, all albums by Adam Fischer (+ all those by Dusseldorf Symphoniker and others) already in my library as I used to in v1.7

done one minute after updating to 1.8 :wink:

nope! (see screenshot above)

Maybe we’re talking about different things. When playing a Beatles album, I see other Beatles albums and the ones in my library (which is all of them) are marked with the “library” ICON.

Yes, that arduous journey is now the way to this information. How could Roon be so cruel, I find myself asking my friends and family - frankly to their bemusement - but that’s another story.


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looks it happens pretty at random, at least for classical music!
look at the example I posted above: Adam Fischer is quite renewed, not for sure a newcomer, I have many albums with him as director and… nothing at all in that page: just credits “medallions”

but this is just part of it: in 1.7 sidebar there used to be all albums by all (main) artists involved. now it is splitted by individual artists discographies, divided by “kind” (main, single, ep) and what I already have is mixed with what I don’t

I’m looking at albums by the same artist. That’s what used to be on the side in Roon 1.7. You’re looking at people credited on an album. That’s an entirely different thing than what you asked for in your first post.

I give up, John: 1.8 is the greatest Roon version ever :no_mouth:
lock this thread. better… delete it altogether :wink:


I thought this is what you’re looking for.