Roon 1.8 : Playlists associated with the album tracks have disappeared

No playlist associated with my songs? Great!
My custom stars are gone too. Thanks a lot


It’s been addressed:


Well, on the assumption that you guys also use Roon, one would think you know this is a very useful and important feature. Without it, how would anyone remember which playlist(s) a loved song belongs to? And, I thought rule #1 of UI design is, don’t remove features that people love! So no heavy thinking is required here, just put it back where it was, exactly the way it was, it worked GREAT. That is the use case.

I have only barely began using Roon 1.8, I have two things which if you point me to the right place, I would like to point out:

When I am at an artist, in previous versions there would be a “show all albums” button on the top right.
Now there is a sorting feature there. Can you please add back the “show all albums” right there next or before the sorting. Related to that, you added a wonderful “Filter” button, but why do I have to go back to the top, the main menu and have to say “View Albums in Library” in order to see it? Why can’t you show it right away as soon as I arrive at an Artist? 100 out of 100 times I went to artist to find a specific album. But you have added extraneous mouse scrolls and clicks to accomplish this.

I should not be retrained like a monkey because somebody decided to move that, again, very useful, very crucial button elsewhere, and also rename it. A lot of things have been renamed without a good reason.

Finally, a minor one, but still: What was wrong with the old Roon icon? This one is completely illegible in the Windows task bar with small icons. All I see is a white oval square. What I call change for the sake of change.


Completely agree, this should not require a lot of consideration. Seems to be an obvious miss and the previous functionality should just be re-instated. Many people including myself use the album view as the main portal to their music, so now that you have removed the playlist tagging from the album view, the usability is greatly reduced since one can no longer quickly identify favorite tracks in various categories.

Please, please hurry and re-instate this functionality as Roon is currently much less functional!


Yes, this is a big deal for me too, as I use playlists to organise my listening. A partial workaround, when wanting to add to a playlist is:

  • Just add the track(s) to a desired playlist.

  • Use the playlist filter tab to display duplicates

  • Remove the duplicates from the playlist.

This will at least enable you to continue adding tracks and if they are already in the playlist, delete the duplicate.


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