Roon 1.8 Qobuz “ track not available” , “too many failures”

Updated to 1.8 I can successfully sign in to Qobuz, see l,aylists, browse etc. can’t play any songs. I tried logging out , rebooting. No go. I can go to Qobuz directly and all is good. Can’t get Qobuz to play through Roon

same here, 1.8 pretty much killed Qobuz

I can hear SOME things on Qobuz, but get the too many failures warning over and over again

when I load the Qobuz app, the tracks are there, and they play just fine.

As crazy as it sounds, I updated the clock on my PC with the core software loaded. It was way off. Once i updated clock and calendar it started working. I am running windows 10.

I have just signed up to Qobuz and can see all the albums and metadata. When I select any track to play, I get the “Track not currently available” and “too many failures” message. The tracks play from the Qobuz site. I can add the albums to my playlist. System is a W10 PC acting as media server with Roon 8.1 core. Same problem from server and from client Roon PCs.