Roon 1.8 Tagging Support

It seems like tagging took a big step backwards in 1.8. Long ago I read how star ratings weren’t going to be added because I could use tags to get the same effect. I did that but now when I look at an album I can’t see my “star” ratings because tags are not shown. I spent a ton of time trying to get data displayed like I could in iTunes. For instance, I created “year” tags from 1960 to present so I could find songs from specific time periods (because the Roon filtering was based on album release date, which was not always when the song was released). Now that information is also not visible. I know I can go to the tag view and see tracks there, but that is not useful for these types of tags.

Are there plans to improve tagging features? I hope that this is just a case of features not making the 1.8 release date.


I also see that selecting tracks and clicking add to tag no longer allows you to remove a tag. How do I remove a tag from multiple tracks?


I second this.
Furthermore - remove a tag just went amazingly more complex. Why?

In general, I like 1.8. But tagging is how I use Roon, so this is a huge setback.
Is there a way to:
1 - Display tags on tracks
2 - Remove tags in a less complex way (1.7 style)


Tagging seems to have been forgotten with this release.
1 - Tags need to display on tracks! Why remove this feature that was in 1.7?
2 - When you click “Add to Tag”, you need to have checkboxes to see if it is tagged or not, like it was in 1.7


There are a lot of people dissatisfied with these “improvements “, there is a topic about this:

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In the help documentation it still talks about the manage Tags button: and it still says:

From the Manage Tags screen you can:

  1. Type in the Search area to filter the list of Tags
  2. Add A Tag: Fill in the checkbox next to the Tag you want to apply, then click Save
  3. Remove A Tag: Uncheck the checkbox and click Save *to remove a tag from the content you’ve selected
  4. Create A New Tag - Click New Tag to create a new tag

Please, please bring this functionality back. This is severely missed.

Tag management was one of the key music management features of Roon for me.
Now in the current 1.8 version it has become very cumbersome!


I agree with Flere.

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I really like the new 1.8, and love to use Roon overall. Though 1.8 has clearly some overlooked things in my opinion.

As for one I prefer how tagging was done in 1.7, it was quicker to tag or remove tags. now it looks more like a complex playlist feature.

The option to quickly click on the ‘tag+’ symbol in an Album helped a lot and is missed now.
Also the option to remove/edit tags in the ‘Add to Tag’ menu. Especially with multiple Albums selected it helped to see there some albums where already tagged for.