Roon 1.8 Tracks listed by date added gone (still reliant on Lumin's app for this)

1.8 looks great and seems to be working well (apart from Roon Radio), so congrats to the team.

BUT…In 1.7 you could sort tracks by date added either in Tidal or Roon library. This critical for me function has now gone. I mostly add individual tracks to my library and find them by date added.

In Tracks now if you select by date added…for some reason the individual tracks added are mixed in with the full track listings from albums added…which makes no sense.

Please, please fix this. Even with 1.8 I am entirely reliant on the Lumin app (which is free) to see the tracks I’ve added and order the individual tracks by the date order I added them.

If there is a workaround please tell me. If not, please prioritise this very simple and Im sure much wanted feature.

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Are you trying to Sort by Date Added for Only Tidal Tracks. Like this

You have to use Focus to filter on only Tidal tracks and then use the Date Added column.

Thanks Daniel. I didn’t know about the Tidal focus filter. When I look at my tracks added in Tidal it looks normal. I’ve never quite understood the heart next to add to library for albums. I’ve been selecting it a lot just to ensure the album is added. Stupid question, but have I therefore inadvertently been adding all of the individual album tracks to my Tracks? Is that what it does?

Trying to understand why it would be just individual songs added in Tidal as normal but all the songs on the album in my added tracks in Roon.

Thanks in advance for any input.

good to know. I use this feature as well. I hope they can fix this, they finally added it now it’s gone. I relied on this heavily with iTunes and that feature was available 15 years ago. How complicated can it be?

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I’m still stuck on this.

Any guidance would be appreciated. In summary how do I get to access my individually added tracks (mot clumped in with whole albums) by date added order in Roon just as they appear in Tidal?

Many thanks again

In Roon, the heart icon just marks something as a favorite. If you are using the + at the album level then you are adding the whole album to Roon. You can instead go to the specific track of an album, click on the 3 dot menu and just add the track to the library.

Thanks…something has changed in 1.8 though…I didn’t have this problem before.

How do I now add an album to my list of Albums without adding all of its constituents tracks to my Tracks?

I seem to be missing something…apologies if I am.

Hi again, I’m getting there now. I realise I need to wait for the changes to show up in Roon. Next issue is that when I select remove album from library (so that all of the album track don’t show up in my Tracks library) I then go back to the album so that I can hit favourite (to put it in my albums only) …I find that the favourite heart icon is no longer there… So, having removed the item from library…how do I then favourite the album so that is shows up in my albums? Thanks for your patience with all this !

You can’t. You can only favorite items which are IN your library.

I guess I want to better understand what you are trying to do. Lets take Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” as a test discussion. Let us assume the album is NOT in your library but just on the streaming service.

I assume that what you are trying to do is NOT add the whole album to your library, BUT, just the track “Dreams”.

I want to be able to add the album to my albums but not all of the individual tracks to my tracks. I’ve stupidly pressed the add to library option on loads of albums. How do I now correct it to have the albums back in albums? Do I need to manually select all of the album tracks listed in my Tracks and deflect them? I have hundreds of albums that I need to sort out.

Also, those albums that I have now removed from library…how to I add them back to my albums?

Many thanks again

Tracks are useless in my opinion when they just add every track when you add an album. Spotify does this so I don’t make the mistake of hearting an album then you get ever track polluting your finely curated list of tracks. I think this is what you mean? It’s like you have to find a workaround. I add an album then use the heart Icon to have my list of favorite tracks. I basically don’t look at tracks in Roon, might just as well look at albums. Also playlists are a good way too, you can easily add a track from a streaming service without having to add the whole album. Playlists are my workaround to keeping favorite tracks in order. Early versions of iTunes in many ways made more logical sense to use than Roon. I still love Roon and will deal with the quirks.