Roon 2.0.9 and ARC 1.0.9 are live!

Hello Everyone,

Since we released ARC in September, we have been listening intently to your feedback. Specifically, we’ve heard countless requests for ARC to better support a common use case—listening in the car…

We are excited to announce that our first release of 2023 will contain support for Apple Carplay in ARC. You are now able to listen to all of your library, playlists, downloads, and Roon editorial content directly from your car’s interface.

How to use Carplay with ARC:

  • If you’ve never used CarPlay before, you’ll first need to set it up. You can use Apple’s guide here.
  • Once CarPlay is set up and your phone is connected, you’ll find the Roon ARC app displayed in your car’s interface.
  • Just click on the Roon ARC icon to get started.

We’ve also made a few additional improvements in Roon, including resolving an issue preventing gapless playback on Chromecast as well as resolving playback of Qobuz files.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Team at Roon Labs

What’s new in this release?

Build Numbers

Application Version
Roon / RoonServer 2.0 (build 1193) production
Roon ARC 1.0 (build 128) production
Roon Remote (Android / iOS) 2.0 (build 1192) production


  • Implemented CarPlay support in ARC
  • Resolved an issue that broke Chromecast gapless playback in Roon.
  • Resolved an issue where certain files purchased from Qobuz weren’t playable.


Cores, remotes, and ARC installations already running Roon 2.0 Production should update automatically. If you need to reinstall, the latest builds can always be found on the downloads page.

Please note that due to Carplay support, ARC will need iOS version 14+ to run.