Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity [it's just like 1.8 now]

I do.

I was. I proposed this offline removal as a solution to many architectural problems we have, and was key to making it happen.

I am not refusing that answer. I am flat out telling you that the answer is that Roon 2.0 requires internet access. I know @SukieInTheGraveyard is trying to determine some pattern of offline usage here, because there is an assumption that it does work and that there is a time. But I keep saying it over and over yet no one wants to hear it: 2.0 requires an internet connection to work properly.

oh wait, I spoke too soon! @miguelito does hear me

There are many, let me give you another:

We keep hearing that the Roon Core is very heavy and a huge barrier to entry into the Roon ecosystem. We’ve done work here with ROCK and Nucleus, but reducing resources inside the home is a goal we’d like to achieve. To do this effectively, those resources would need to be moved outside the home, into the cloud, thus requiring internet access.