Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity [it's just like 1.8 now]

With the Roon Core on version 2.0, the grace period is not 30 days anymore. You must have internet access to run the Roon Core 2.0. If you require offline access for any substantial period of time, you must stay on 1.8 Legacy.


Got it - and I wonder how this is going to play with those of us who have patchy internet service…


My thought also - and our internet is generally reliable…

I’ve always enjoyed the fact that I can still use Roon when my internet connection is down.

Is there any info about how long Roon 2.0 will work without internet access?


Time to work out a Plan B then, looks like some people will be needing it!
In my case, all my endpoints are RoPieeeXL, which means I can use a Windows PC/Android phone to send music to them via uPnP. In theory that is, never tested this scenario.

EDIT: Instead of using a player other than Roon in an Internet down scenario, one can always look into upgrading your router to one that has a 4G/5G SIM card in it to use as a automatic failover link. Here in the UK, BT are advertising these but they have always been available from many router suppliers. It may not be quick but should at least enable Roon to operate to some degree.

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Hi Danny, this functionality is very important cause sometimes my provider is down and my music also? All the best


Yeah, that is not fair. One of the main selling points with Roon was having the offline functionality; now it seems like a stab in the back.


So… If I’m invested in Roon, with all the playlists, tags, and hearts, and my Internet goes down, I can’t play my own music? How does that make sense? Even a crippled, no-metadata Roon is better than can’t play my own music. Isn’t the main point of Roon playing music?


What is the new grace period or am I dead if I do anything without an internet connection?


Does that mean it will work for some period of time? Maybe until my internet is restored?

Probably best to quote all of Danny’s comment instead of partial which totally changes it’s meaning🤔

“If you require offline access for any substantial period of time, you must stay on 1.8 Legacy.”

My take is that there really is no grace period at all and that you need internet access for Roon 2.0.

My quote was as I intended. To me it sounds like Danny is suggesting it will work for “some” period of time. Why don’t we wait for him to clarify what he meant?

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I agree we definitely need Roon clarification.
I do not agree that chopping up the quote does not give a total different meaning to what I believe Danny meant or I would not have bothered to comment.
Just my thoughts as a fellow user and my interpretation of it.

I’ve done a quick experiment and Roon 2.0 does work without internet access, but I only tried it for about 5 mins. It would definitely be interesting to hear what the limits of this are.

By substantial, I mean that intermittent issues can be dealt with, but more than that may fail. I realize this is not a scientific answer. The conclusive answer is: Roon Core 2.0 requires an internet connection to operate. It’ll work at varying levels, but if you lack internet, I wouldn’t expect it to work like it did in 1.x.

If you require this, 1.8 Legacy is what you should continue to run.

It may, but 2.0 requires internet access.


That’s a bummer, but thank you for providing as clear of an answer as possible at least.

I agree. This is a big deal.

In the RV we don’t always have a WAN connection, but still want to play our local tunes.

Im loving ARC, but this does seem like a huge regression.


Is this a matter of grace, or a technical prerequisite, dictated by how 2.0 works with Arc etc?
I’d be really grumpy if I couldn’t play music if the internet was down….


Agreed this should have been better communication it’s a big chance that affects. Usage. Same as the fact there is no mention that ARC needs Android 9+ where remote still works on 8+

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Be graceful, then!