Roon with no internet [no longer possible with Roon 2.0]

My internet goes down almost once a week. My local files play with no problem. The only exception might be if the outage occurs just before Roon needs to reauthenticate your subscription, which is unlikely. Maybe @Geoff_Coupe might want to jump in to expand on this.

Do you have active subs to Tidal or Qobuz?

Not me - I’m just another user of Roon, not one of the developers… :smiley:

I seem to remember you talking about this recently when you’re internet was down.
It is definitely something that needs addressing. There should be an offline option like Tidal and Spotify have that completely closes off all realtime features

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I have Qobuz, whose tracks obviously will not stream during an outage, but local files play on no matter what device I’m using. Might it depend on our modems?

Yep the music will keep playing if its local. I just can’t connect after that. With Roons constant behaviour of disconnecting on android mobile it’s even more problematic as it cannot be avoided. I can’t have a constantly connected remote.

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But you seem to know a good bit more than most of us.

It won’t stop music from playing if its local. I just have no means to control it. Modem does no networking in my system other than feed my router internet every thing else is controlled by my router with works as it should without internet, unless it relies on an internet service all other apps and such work without issue.

My system seamlessly reconnects to Roon when internet comes back up. I wonder what makes your experience different that mine?

I wish I knew. Roons network stack is flakey at the best of time given how many network related issues it has in different peoples systems. Others who report it have different network architecture than me. Maybe it’s Rock, remote devices or a combination of this and network gear. Either way it’s annoying and I have to revert to other means to play my own music. In any situation I should not have to.

Control of anything that just pertains to my local files in unaffected. Obviously, if I view the album that’s playing, any info that is pulled from Roon’s servers won’t show up. But everything else, for me, in unaffected.

I can see why this is frustrating, and I pray Roon can identify and eliminate the problem. You, and everyone else, should be able to use Roon to play their own music anytime, without problems.


It’s the not being to pull up the info that seems to hang the app for me. It start to connect but then will lock up loading data and then become completely unresponsive. In some instances you just get the logo stuck and that’s as far as it gets. So it does depend on what page you where on prior. If it was an album from Qobuz and streaming from Qobuz or the home page it won’t load up. Maybe gets in a loop because of this.

In that we fully align.

I suppose if the daily license check has been carried out before an outage, then having a grace period of a day to play your local music through Roon is reasonable, of course all the other nice features would potentially be unavailable unless there was a small local cache of details. The next time a licence check failed it would be reasonable to have a notification message pop up maybe - and limits to only local music? I used to have my local music available via another online platform that changed and wanted to charge me for playing my own music or have adverts for a far worse experience, Roon is so much better than that. Back to the point, I think it’s more than the local music that we’re paying for - it’s the whole Roon ecosystem. If the licence check was disabled to only allow local music to play via the interface I think that would undermine the whole product or create a split in a “lite” version potentially. I’d rather there was the one product and temporarily use another player if internet access was unavailable for an extended period. Just my thoughts though … Thanks

It’s not daily - it’s every 30 days:

Awesome - thanks for the correction Geoff - apologies for my ignorance :slight_smile:

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