Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

Imagine your iphone stops working completely - no local music playback, no games, no podcasts, no notes, no nothing, when you suddenly loose service…

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But Danny said that it would, and that the 30-day grace period of 1.8 does not exist anymore. And as he is refusing an answer to how long it does work, the assumption has to be that he is telling the truth.

We have invested in core machine with storage for local files, ripped cd collections and bought digital albums. But now we cannot play those from our own server from local network if there is no internet connection. Not good news.

If there were no local albums Roon would not even be needed so it would make sense to better support local album listening.


The one thing that was mentioned was an improvement to search because it does not need to support local search anymore. Danny alluded that there are more reasons, but didn’t say which

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He said how long it will work without internet: zero seconds.

I do.

I was. I proposed this offline removal as a solution to many architectural problems we have, and was key to making it happen.

I am not refusing that answer. I am flat out telling you that the answer is that Roon 2.0 requires internet access. I know @SukieInTheGraveyard is trying to determine some pattern of offline usage here, because there is an assumption that it does work and that there is a time. But I keep saying it over and over yet no one wants to hear it: 2.0 requires an internet connection to work properly.

oh wait, I spoke too soon! @miguelito does hear me

There are many, let me give you another:

We keep hearing that the Roon Core is very heavy and a huge barrier to entry into the Roon ecosystem. We’ve done work here with ROCK and Nucleus, but reducing resources inside the home is a goal we’d like to achieve. To do this effectively, those resources would need to be moved outside the home, into the cloud, thus requiring internet access.


Yeah, but according to the test results this doesn’t actually seem the case.

I mean, I get legal requirements, etc. And personally I could live with just a few days between license checks. But I want to know how long it works. Because sometimes over the years my Internet was down for a minute, sometimes half an hour, sometimes a day, but last time it was 4 days because they couldn’t quickly get the parts to fix the issue during the pandemic. This is in the middle of Berlin by the way, not on Mount Everest. So when it goes down, it would be nice to know whether I need to set up alternatives or not


we deserve a unambiguous answer to time duration allowing use of local files without internet access…no cryptic, snarky, responses, please !

But it does work, with limited functionality, without an internet connection. You’re absolutely right that it doesn’t work properly but I, and many others, are talking about contingency plans to use Roon during internet outage. All I’m asking is how long will 2.0 play local files for without an internet connection? It’s not a problem if there’s no known answer.


OK, thanks. Then this was a horrible, horrible decision that completely ignores much of your customers.

I get that. But if I wanted that, I would have purchased a solution for that, not a local Core.


I played music on a non-internet connected Roon 2.0 for 30 minutes this morning, before my son moaned at me that the internet was down. That’s not theory, that’s fact!


Don’t tell, or they’ll bring on an update soon to kill it :wink:


I have no local files to play, but if I was concerned with this issue, I would subscribe to lifetime Audirvana Origin for $120 or Apple Music to cover such situations. Audirvana Origin plays local library only. You can use Soundiz to sync Apple Music with your Tidal/Qobuz libraries.

I have Apple Music provided free by Verizon Wireless. I’m thinking seriously about subscribing to Audirvana Studio again, just so I can use my Dell laptop away from home without unauthorizing my Nucleus and Roon ARC.

There are options for almost any eventuality.

EDIT: Change of plan. I got Roon 2.0 working on my Dell as a secondary Roon core, so no need for Audirvana. Apple Music will suffice on the rare occasions my internet is down.

So far, Roon seems unwilling to give a straightforward answer to these questions other than to say 2.0 requires an internet connection, period. :frowning:


Thank god for vinyl


Now where did I put my old CD player??? :wink:

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Danny, I appreciate that you and your team have worked hard to create a better experience for the Roon user. However, making a person’s personal music collection unavailable during periods when they lose internet connectivity is such a profoundly bad idea and resonates so poorly with the user’s sense of ownership over his or her own music collection that I hope that you will consider modifying 2.0 to allow some sort of of-line functionality. You have always wisely moved the users from version to version. Building a large base of users on a dead branch is a bad idea. And I suspect that as people experience the inconvenience of internet outages your dead branch will grow. Certainly that is not an infrequent event for us in Florida. I know that you are getting a lot of grief on the forum but please consider that finding a compromise solution with users who love and advocate for the product is a win for all.


I completely agree with this and thank you for saying it. Roon is great software and the whole team have worked on a version that is meeting a need for many users. We shouldn’t lose sight of this.

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ROCK on a pi?

Do you know of any that provide DSP to multiple endpoints and multiple device types run from a local server?

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