Roon 2.0 and Ropiee

Does anyone know if Roon 2 works ok with the roonbridge installed in current versions of Ropiee.

After all the conversations about needing Roon updates on phones and tablets, I am nervous as I have 5 Ropiee endpoints (all my streaming devices) and they are all showing an error in Roon 1.8 on the screen looking at SW updates. I am reluctant to update my Core until I know that I won’t loose all my Streaming endpoints

It‘s working fine, my Ropiee and my second Raspi now have 1.8 Build 1125 and no Problem with the 2.0 Core.

Yes, it will continue working as before.

both my RPI4 and USB Bridge (essentially a RPI3) updated successfully to Roon 2.0 and working flawlessly since 24 hours

Thank you all - wasn’t sure as I couldn’t see how to update the sw in Ropiee (as I don’t normally want to this is good !)

will go ahead and update