Roon 2.0 broke Roon Remote

Is there not an Android legacy version of the Roon Remote on their app store? For Apple it’s called Roon Remote (Legacy).

The Apple App Store was a little behind the MacOS Roon 2.0 updates, but I was able to update my iPhone to 2.0 within about an hour and all is working fine. I am just waiting for my ISP to port forward the incoming Roon ARC connection to the outside IP address of my router and can then port forward to my Roon Core and I should be golden for ARC as well.

I probably won’t use ARC that widely as I have virtually none of my own content, but that day will come and having the ability to natively integrate my local library and download to my iPhone for remote play is super cool.

I may have the use case to keep on with Roon after the end of my current year’s subscription. No issues at all so far with the updates and having native Apple silicon support should hopefully make things even better on my Mac mini core and iMac Roon remote. Happy days :slight_smile:

You don’t have to do anything with Roon ARC if you don’t want to use it. Just don’t install the Roon ARC app on your phone. You also don’t need to fool with your router.

The Roon 2.0 update on your Roon core should happen automatically with no issues. Then, install the Roon Remote 2.0 app on your control devices from the app store.

The Roon 2.0 update has been splashed all over the internet and emails to Roon customers for weeks if not months.

The Roon Remote apps for iPhone and iPad for Roon 1.8 are on the App Store as Roon Remote (Legacy).

I have no music files and stream from Tidal and Qobuz. I use Roon ARC when walking my dog and in the car with CarPlay. It works with the “Now Playing” screen. Since it’s free, I rather use it than the Tidal and/or Qobuz apps.

My problem is that while, yes, there is a “legacy” app, it now appears to require a different Core. I either have to upgrade the Core to 2.0 to use the app that my phone automatically (dumbly) updated…

Or, I have to (apparently) apply the legacy RoonServer Core “update” to use the legacy app. Neither app on the phone works with the (until yesterday) up-to-date Room 1.8 Core.

So until I have time to futz with the Core, I’m out of luck. And no pre-warning.

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Well free as included in your subscription as are the Tidal and Qobuz apps but I am glad you’re enjoying the Roon freedom :slightly_smiling_face:

Roon ARC seems free to me since I paid $500 for Roon lifetime almost 3 years ago. I got Roon ARC a few weeks ago and haven’t received a bill.

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Confused. In which app is the “troubleshooting” section? I press the cog in ARC to go into settings but there is nothing to do with external access there. I have opened 55000 on my router but I cant see where to place the external address. :\ I have static IP and a domain name that resolves internally/externally so this should all work, theres just nowhere to enter the details. Android 12 client.

ARC access is setup on the main Core using the standard Client.

Agree you should be able to disable ARC. I doubt many have considered the security implications and the potential vuneralabiliies that could be introduced to home networks.

Further I don’t understand the reasoning for the update. Does anyone really want to stream files from a roon core remotely? Why not just replicate functionality on ARC and stream what is available via Qobuz, Tidal etc.

If you mean, have Roon decide that the version of FM’s “Rumours” in my local library is the same as what is on Qobuz and stream that instead of the specific mastering I have in my library. Then no that is not what I would want.

Evidently, a lot of people want to stream their local content to their phone. Danny said it’s the top requested feature. Roon responded to their customers.

Fair enough but the reality may well prove different. It is hard to imagine that a high res audio file streamed via Roon at home to a phone (away from the home) will sound any better than that from a streaming service such as Qobuz/Tidal. The propensity for drop outs is another issue along with data consumption on a mobile network.

Is that how most would use it or am I missing something?

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