Roon 2.0 (Build 1143) X Not Controlling Volume in Devialet Pro Expert

since the last upgrade to version 2.0 of roon in Build 1143 (as shown above), I’m having problems with the remote volume control of the integrated Devialet Expert Pro 140 through the roon app, which can no longer increase or decrease the volume. I have roon core running on an intel NUC with I7 with 32gb RAM and more than 60 thousand songs in FLAC on an external drive plugged into this computer. access the core through the app running on an iPad usina Mt Wi-Fi Home network.

I just upgrade the core To Build 1148 and the volume bug in Devialet Expert continue. Could not control volume any more.

Still not working.

Is somente from support can help me?

Hi @Luiz_Lobo,

Thank you for your patience, and I’m sorry you’ve waited for so long for a staff response.

After investigating automatic account and Core diagnostics since your initial report, we wanted to pass along the following troubleshooting steps and questions:

  1. The are numerous local network dropouts, affecting both endpoints and what appear to be networked storage devices. Have you experienced any issues beyond the volume control issue for the Devialet? Do you have any active network security settings/firewalls that have changed since the launch of Roon 2.0 in September?

  2. It’s possible connectivity is underpinning the volume issue, but we also improved some known issues with volume control in DACs with Roon 2.0.5 (here). Please update to the latest build and let us know if that improves things.

We’ll keep an eye out for your response.

I would like to thank you for the feedback (Although it took a while) about my problem with the Devialet Expert volume control in the Roon app, which is now back to normal and is working again without problems. Bug resolved. Thanks!

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